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VAT Registration Office

Contacting VAT Registration Office

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Does anyone have a phone number for the VAT registration office that works?

I applied for VAT registration with Option to Tax about 6 weeks ago. After pestering the Option to Tax office they issued the option but without the VAT registration number. I guess they gave up on the Registration Unit.

I have been trying to phone the VAT office to follow up on the actual registration but, after listening to the usual long an duseless messages, I finally get the message that the office is busy and hangs up.

Thank in advance for any assistance.

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By Les Howard
24th May 2019 16:46

Same story I'm afraid. It does seem to be worse than usual at the moment.
I sometimes ping an email via their website ( and it sends an acknowledgment, so I know they have received it.

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Replying to leshoward:
24th May 2019 17:02

Thanks. That is useful.

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