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VAT Registration Office contact number

VAT Registration Office contact number

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Does anyone have a phone number for HMRC's VAT registration office? I am trying to get in touch with them for a VAT registration that was submitted online about 6 weeks ago but we have not had any response from HMRC yet although the acknowledgement promised a response within 14 days. Calling the general enquiries line is pointless as I gave up after holding in for 45 minutes.

Thanks for any help provided.

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By pawncob
08th Jul 2015 12:06

No number

They don't put a number on their headed paper.

But it was


03000 523236

Fax 03000 591437



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08th Jul 2015 12:56

Many thanks

Thanks. The number was very useful.

HMRC sent a questionnaire to the company's trading address which is currently a building site and refuse to send the letter to us as the agents that made the online application. They refuse to send a copy to us and will send another copy to the trading address which will probably not be received as it is still a building site. The system is totally bonkers!

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By mjstarkey
14th Nov 2016 14:31

The number given by PAWNCOB is for variations in the registration - i.e changing names etc.

The actual number for new registrations is 03000 523240

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