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VAT Registration Unit

Getting VAT registered

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Does anyone know how to get in touch with the VAT Registration Unit? I have found it impossible to call them and emails are being ignored or I am getting automated replies that do not make sense.

We applied for VAT registration and Option to Tax in October. HMRC asked for proof of trading which was sent but they received it after their deadline so the VAT registration was rejected. We requested them to review their decision so that we do not waste time reapplying but they refused and advised us to resubmit the application. When the application was submitted again, we got the message that this duplicates information already held by HMRC! Does that mean that the original application is still open, or the new application is being processed, or that they will not look at the new application because they already have the information so they are refusing to register the company?

Another unusual thing is that the Option to Tax Unit has sent the Acknowledgement. Therefore we have a company that is not VAT registered but has an Option to Tax, but cannot proceed with the property purchase as it is not VAT registered yet!

Many thanks for any help received

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Jason Croke
By Jason Croke
20th Jan 2021 14:35

The VAT registration helpline is 0300 322 7870 but HMRC's definition of helpline is different to mine.

You will get a recorded message telling you they are working really hard and will respond within 30 days but that you can't leave a message because they are so busy they can't possibly get back to you. Then you'll get cut off.

You can email them here [email protected] and you'll get an auto reply telling you how they care about your enquiry and will get back to you within 30 days but they won't.

You can try the webchat, if you can get through, but they'll probably struggle to help beyond the simplest of queries, they're mostly working from home and it seems once separated from the hive mind, they become inert.

HMRC are an absolute mess at the minute.

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Replying to Jason Croke:
20th Jan 2021 17:00

Thanks Jason.

It is very frustrating that they have a different set of rules to the rest of us. They blame COVID19 as the reason for the delays in processing correspondence or lack of replies but expect us to reply within 2 weeks if they raise any enquiries.

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By accountantccole
21st Jan 2021 14:41

Presumably dealing with hundreds of foreign businesses now registering in the UK due to Brexit too

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By jwgrogan
19th Feb 2021 09:56

VAT Reg Unit is now advising applicants not to contact them until at least 12 WEEKS after applying!

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By Matrix
19th Feb 2021 14:21

We had a good result for a client this week - applied on Monday and got the VAT number on Wednesday.

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