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VAT return error EU sales

Made sales to inviduals in EU but entered in Box 2 and Box 8

My client filed her own VAT return , unfortunately she entered sales made online to EU customers not vat registered in Box 2 and Box 8

These are sales of goods not services

HMRC has requested a list of EU customers etc as Box 8 had been filled

How can this error be corrected? Using form 652?

Thanks for your help in advance


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22nd Oct 2018 18:38

I think you'll have to write about the Box 8 thing. The "I'm afraid my client's an idiot ©" excuse should cover it.

You can correct the Box 2 on the next return, unless it's over £10000.

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By marlin
to lionofludesch
23rd Oct 2018 09:21

Thanks Lion unfortunately the amount is over £10,000

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to marlin
23rd Oct 2018 09:33

Your client needs to face up to not being as good at VAT returns as she thought.

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to marlin
23rd Oct 2018 10:45

It is indeed form 652 to correct the VAT and a letter explaining the situation to have the sales list request withdrawn. I have no doubt it happens reasonably often.

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