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VAT return filing problem

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Client uses Xero as means of filing VAT return. Yesterday he got the message that a VAT return for this period had already been filed. When he goes to the HMRC website it doesn't show the return he needs to file and just says "There are currently no outstanding periods that require a VAT return".

Has anyone else had this problem?

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By Moonbeam
08th Mar 2018 10:53

Crisis Solved - client rang HMRC and apparently they put a stop on VAT returns because he hadn't notified them of change of address.

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By carynw
08th Mar 2018 11:19

This happened to us although we hadn't moved, HMRC claimed to have had mail returned by Royal Mail.
When I asked for a copy of what had been returned they were unable to supply it as they hadn't had anything returned but other departments within HMRC might have but they couldn't tell me which one!!!!

This has now happened twice so at the end of March I will have 3 quarters to upload and a large chunk of money to pay over to them but I have to ring them mid March to check we haven't been suspended again and the VAT return had been generated!!!

Don't quite understand how if its nothing to do with VAT why its only our VAT account that's been suspended. PAYE, NIC & CT are all ok?

Is it any wonder this country is in a state???!!!

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By atleastisoundknowledgable...
08th Mar 2018 17:55

We had the exact some thing yesterday/today. HMRC response : we thought they’d moved address. Why? Because I’m their RO (NB not their VAT trading office) and we’ve moved. Does this mean all my clients will have blocks put on their accounts? HMRC response: can’t comment.


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