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Vat Return not required by hmrc ?

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I registered a new company for Vat last May (2017)  and requested the July/Oct/Jan/April stagger period. All good. 

I expected the first Vat Return to be July 2017 or latest October 2017. When I logged in in July it said first one is due in Oct 2017. When I logged in in Oct 2017 it said first one due in Jan 2018. When I logged in in Jan 2018 it said first one due April 2018. When I logged in in April 2018 it said first one due July 2018 ! And so no vat returns have ever been submitted and no vat paid. 

I am wondering how long this can continue for and if anyone else has experinced such madness from hmrc.


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By atleastisoundknowledgable...
14th Jun 2018 07:40

Never heard of it getting pushed back longer than 1 Return. Definitely an intriguing one - for all the good it’ll probably do, have you asked HMRC?

Hopefully you’d client has a healthy savings account somewhere...

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By Les Howard
14th Jun 2018 08:26

Ping an email to HMRC. Why?
And, don't spend the VAT money!

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By carynw
14th Jun 2018 08:27

This happened to us after the VAT account was suspended due to "returned" mail.
We contacted HMRC and they reactivated the account but couldn't tell us what had been returned as it may have been another department within HMRC but it wasn't anything the VAT department had sent???!!!

Id call and ask what's going on as we ended up with 3 quarters to submit and pay - any wonder the countries in a state!!!

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Replying to carynw:
By dejaneiro2005
14th Jun 2018 09:43

I can echo this experience where HMRC claimed letters were returned as "undelivered". Despite submitting the correct address on the VAT application, they also had a note of my telephone number and email address, but neglected to contact me to explain the situation.

Be prepared for a handful of Surcharge Liability Notices to arrive once you call them!

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blue sheep
By Nigel Henshaw
14th Jun 2018 08:57

We have similar issues like this all the time with clients, usually HMRC have written to the client and had no response and so in their great wisdom HMRC decide to withdraw the request to file a VAT return! I presume the reasoning is that this action will prompt the client to act, however usually it just means they don't pay the VAT, the whole thing is ridiculous and usually goes on for about a year until we get it sorted out

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By andy.partridge
14th Jun 2018 09:44

FFS let them know the correct business address before you get absolutely clobbered. And you think HMRC are mad?

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By seitler
14th Jun 2018 14:43

I can confirm they have the correct address and nothing has been physically received.
All very well to say ping an email to them, but I am not aware that hmrc have e mail yet.
Apart from during an enquiry when dealing with a specific individual they are not on email.
Thankfully client has funds available to cover the vat liability

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By fawltybasil2575
14th Jun 2018 15:26

@ seitler (OP).

A formal enquiry can be made by you, to HMRC on behalf of your client, via this link:-


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