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VAT returns online

VAT returns online

I have recently taken on a new client company which is vat registered with vat returns being previously submitted online.

I submitted a 64-8 with the vat box ticked and the vat number but although I now have access to self assessment and company tax online with HMRC, I still do not have access to vat online.  The VAT return is due by the end of December. Whats the easiest way to be able to do this ? Can I submit it under the clients govt gateway username and password? If the client does not have this how should I proceed?


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By ACDWebb
02nd Dec 2011 13:41

If the client is registered for on-line services

then I believe that they should be able to authorise you from their login at the government Gateway if you tell them your Agent ID, which you can find if you log in to HMRC On-line and go to Authorise Client.


That or just run through the Authorise Client process from your login for which you will need your client's

VAT Registration NumberPrincipal Place of Business postcodeDate of registration for VATFinal month of last VAT return submittedBox 5 figure on last VAT return submitted

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By DMGbus
02nd Dec 2011 13:43

64-8 don't work!

Form 64-8 (with VAT ticked) will permit HMRC to speak to you about a client's VAT affairs but NOT submit VAT returns online.

For this either use client's Gov't Gateway ID & password or go through the online authorisation as an agent process.

If you do not already submit client VAT returns online as an agent it is most likely that you will need to add this service to your existing online agent services (eg. Self Assessment or Corporation Tax).

The deadline for a q/e 30th November 2011 VAT return filed online is 7th January 2012 with cleared funds for the VAT liability to be received in HMRC's bank a/c by that same date unless a Direct Debit arrangement has been set up. (if a DD is set up HMRC take payment on the 3 bank working days later than the 7th - some months it is the 10th, others 11th or 12th).

In my opinion going online now and inputting the correct credentials (*) should get an authorisation code in the hands of the client before Christmas.

(*) By "correct credentials" I mean 5 items:

Client's VAT numberPostcode for client per HMRC VAT recordsDate client registered for VAT (EDR = effective date of registration)Month of most recently filed VAT returnBox 5 value from above VAT return

Item 3 is usually a problem as most clients seem to have difficulty finding their VAT registration certificate.  Therefoere client has to 'phone HMRC about this one.and get detailed posted to them.




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By pauld
02nd Dec 2011 14:20

Authorise client

Thank you both for the information which is very helpful.

I am registered online as a VAT agent but when I log into VAT online, where does it say 'authorise client' ?



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02nd Dec 2011 14:27

Your HMRC Services

Click on "Your HMRC services" in the top left corner of your VAT "At a glance" screen, then on "Authorise client".

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By pauld
02nd Dec 2011 15:17

Oh dear..........

Thanks Euan. It was staring me in the face everytime I logged on ! I think I have had a 'senior' moment.

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