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VAT reverse charge mechanism reporting error

VAT reverse charge mechanism reporting error

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We have starting buying some goods from a VAT registered business in the EU this year. In the first return this year this wasn't reported in boxes 2. 4 and 8 of the VAT return. There is no financial implication as it's in and out but in terms of reporting would it be right to add the first quarter's invoices to the second's in boxes 2, 4 and 8 or best to report an error to HMRC?

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By Les Howard
30th Jul 2020 14:35

1. report a NIL VAT adjustment on the next Return; or
2. report in Boxes 2 & 4 (not 8) on the next Return.
I would not notify HMRC for a net NIL error.

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Replying to leshoward:
By lionofludesch
30th Jul 2020 18:22

I'd go for option 1, myself.

Don't waste everybody's time.

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By FayeBK
31st Jul 2020 16:45

It would be Box 2,4 and 9....? Box 8 is for sales.

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