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VAT Security Deposit.. Nightmare..

Have no idea where to turn. Being prosecuted without having done (in my mind) anything wrong. Help..

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**Edited** Update to this was; as a result of the help David Winch gave me in finding a true expert in this area of the law, the CPS ended up dropping all charges against both me and my company. David I cannot thank you enough. PM me your address and I will send you something to warm your cockles in these cold, dank nights. I should also say thanks to Paul who it seems highlighted David to my plight.

To anyone else finding themselves in a similar VAT deposit plight, the only advice I can give is to not simply assume your accountant or book keeper has it in hand, for when the smelly stuff hits the fan it'll only be you in the dock. And if charges do get filed against you, I highly recommend you seeking specialist legal help, this is not a job for your local general solicitor.

Oh, and it was also accepted by the CPS that I hadn't, in fact, been a negligent Director.

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David Winch
By David Winch
27th May 2019 17:38

You need to get a solicitor instructed (frankly you would have been wise to instruct a solicitor BEFORE attending the police station).
If you private message me I may be able to recommend one reasonably local to you.

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By paulwakefield1
27th May 2019 17:46

1. Did you follow the earlier advice to get a solicitor? It seems that may be the only good advice you got from your accountants although there are usually two sides to every story.

2. Having a police interview without a soliciotr was unwise. The police will have already made up their mind and anything you say will be used to dig a deeper hole.

3. Hope that David Winch sees this post and provides his usual impeccable advice.

Edit: David beat me to it!!

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By Accountant A
27th May 2019 18:23

"I was in essence a NEGLIGENT director"

Fixed that for you.

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By Tim Vane
28th May 2019 01:51

Seems that you spent longer writing that post than you did fulfilling your legal obligations as a director. You need legal advice.

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By Gary Maloney
11th Jan 2020 15:06

Case dismissed.

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