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VAT training

VAT training

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Could somebody please recommend good VAT courses providers. Thank you!

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By cheekychappy
09th Oct 2015 15:39

CTA indirect tax route.

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By Les Howard
09th Oct 2015 16:16

VAT Training

It does depend somewhat on your exact needs. But UK Training Ltd provide VAT training from the basic to a number of more complex areas.

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By sharonm1
09th Oct 2015 16:21

VAT Compliance Diploma

Try the VAT Compliance Diploma. It used to be run by the IIT but since they merged with CIOT it seems to be called the AAT VAT Compliance Diploma. It was a very useful course and all done online so easy to fit in.

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By iamtrainee
10th Oct 2015 07:25

start reading Vat 700
and you will know what area you want to focus on.

I am Trainee I am always wrong

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