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VAT Transfer - Government Gateway Issues

Client government gateway access following transfer of VAT registration from sole trader to company

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My client incorporated his business on 1st April 2022, and we decided to transfer his sole trader VAT registration - had I known what a headache it would be, I probably wouldn't have suggested it but the transfer process has now been finalised.

My question is about the limited company's Government Gateway account.  I can't seem to add VAT to the account, presumably because it's still linked to the old (sole trader) GG account.  Initially the error message was "the information does not exist ... or it has already been used to request access to this tax", and more recently it says "could not confirm the business, the information you provided does not match the details we have ..."   (I've tried various combinations of VAT registration date, last VAT Return figures, etc but nothing seems to work).

Has anybody come across this scenario recently, does my client continue to use the old GG details to file his VAT Returns via Quickbooks?

Also when I access the limited company's VAT account via my ASA, I can use the section for clients who have "signed up or opted out of MTD" so presumably the MTD registration has been transferred across during the transfer process, has anybody come across this? 

Grateful for any assistance and thoughts, thank you.


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By CharlieBee
10th Jun 2022 17:07

I have had similar - client purchased business as a going concern and so VAT transferred over.
It has taken 13 months to sort out…

But to answer your question, the last hurdle was that the old owner had not deleted the VAT from their account so my client could not activate it.

Maybe delete from the sole trader account and then try adding it?

Once that was sorted, they signed up to MTD and I was able to authorise them through agent services account.

Good luck

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Replying to CharlieBee:
By jenledgers
10th Jun 2022 17:50

Thanks, that's really helpful. At least we have access to both businesses ! I had a quick look and I didn't see any way to remove a tax from a GG account, I'll have another look.

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Replying to jenledgers:
By CharlieBee
10th Jun 2022 17:55

My client rang HMRC and they were actually helpful and sorted it for them. Deleted the old account and set up theirs whilst on the phone.

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By jenledgers
23rd Jun 2022 12:21

Just for future reference, in case anyone is having the same problems. My client deleted VAT and MTD from their GG account (you can 'remove a tax'). After waiting a couple of weeks (it didn't work after a few days) we were able to add VAT to the new GG account. We had to try various combinations for the answers (last VAT Return before signing up for MTD, last actual VAT Return, etc) the option which worked was using the original VAT registration date, and 'not currently submitting VAT Returns'.

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