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VATMOSS filing

VATMOSS filing

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For those who have filing deadlines today, we just want to check in and ask, how are you finding it?

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By Tim Vane
20th Apr 2015 15:26

Well, it's annoying having to do it less then 3 weeks after the end of the quarter. Why isn't the deadline the same as UK VAT.

The online form is simple enough, if a little cumbersome when entering a number of different countries. The rounding differences are also annoying, but not greatly so. The biggest difference we've seen is about 30p (total) for the period.

As ever, the real effort was the planning and preparation rather than the actual submission of the figures. Now I've just got to make sure all the clients have made their payments.

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By Rachael White
20th Apr 2015 16:33

Thanks for sharing your insights Tim. 

Keep us updated as to how you're getting on! 

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Man of Kent
By Kent accountant
20th Apr 2015 19:11

Avoid it like the plague

I avoid clients that have to comply with MOSS or register for vat in every EU country they do business.

Life is too short...

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By timwhitlock
14th Oct 2015 12:17

I have a deadline in 7 days for period ending September

Although I registered for UK VAT for MOSS purposes four months ago, It seems that you have to add the MOSS service to your online dashboard BEFORE your return period begins. Adding the service to file my return now the system won't allow it despite having a further 7 days to file. I am now unable to file my MOSS return and have received exactly zero help from HMRC. It looks like I'll now have to register with 9 EU states in their local language to pay as little as €4


That's how I'm finding it. As if compliance wasn't hard enough, vulnerable small businesses are given no help and left to face fines from foreign governments. It is insane. 

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