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Verification of stock held at Amazon

How can I get audit evidence to prove existence of stock

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I have an internet based client, they have stock held by Amazon under the FBA scheme. When it comes to the year end, how can I confirm the existence of stock as it is held throughout the world in various warehouses. Amazon appear unhelpful in providing a list of location and quantities, the client has their own internal systems which show movement but this is the clients records and does not provide enought evidence for existence etc.

Has anybody else had this and how have they audited the existence of stock?


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By paul.benny
05th Aug 2020 13:38

The client should be able to generate a stock list from amazon systems. This is likely to be only available in real time, so you may need to get them to do this in front of you at or close to year end.

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Replying to paul.benny:
Hallerud at Easter
05th Aug 2020 14:38

Or the dreaded roll back where one counts post year end then adjusts the count back re goods in and out to the year end date- a lot of extra work and a lot of cut off testing.

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By Calculatorboy
11th Aug 2020 18:01

At the end of the day you need to physically attend location(s) and verify on sample basis

Your client bears the cost of this

Assuming the company requires a statutory audit

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