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Viewing Submitted MTD VAT Returns on HMRC

Can anyone see the submitted MTD returns on HMRC or is it just me that can't?

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Went to double check at HMRC that the VAT return had gone in successfully and their DD date (which is no longer shown on the submission receipts via Xero) however a MTD submitted return doesn't seem to show in the normal section. Then logged into the Agent Services Account but that has absolutely zero information in either! Should I be looking somewhere else to see these or is not showing submitted returns a new feature of MTD?

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By SXGuy
10th Jun 2019 09:11

No, I believe you can only view them from the software you use, which uses the API to pull the data.

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Replying to SXGuy:
By johnhemming
10th Jun 2019 09:38

I don't know if this is the only place you can get them, but you can get the details via the API. It is worth undertanding what you can get from the VAT Apis as you can answer a lot of questions that way.

I should emphasise two points:

a) According to HMRC you can do this using either the agents ASA credentials or the client's credentials.

b) This should be possible with multiple MTD software.

When you put these two things together it means that as an agent (as long as you have authority on your ASA account) you can set up some MTD software and use that to look up the status for
i) Submissions you have made on say Xero or Sage ...
ii) Submisions the client has made on Quickbooks or Xero ...
iii) Submissions the client has made using bridging software
iv) Submissions you have made using bridging software (either the one you are using to look things up or another one you have used).

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10th Jun 2019 11:07

As far as I'm aware, the direct debit date is not part of the submission receipt data that HMRC return to MTD software at the point of submission. I guess this is why Xero doesn't store/display it (or our own software, Easy MTD VAT (, for that matter).

It seems odd that HMRC doesn't make receipt data and the direct debit date available within their own system. Maybe there's a glitch or it is scheduled to be included at some point.

It is also odd that only the MTD software that submitted a return is privy to the associated receipt data (at the point of submission). This means other MTD software cannot be used to view receipt data associated with a fulfilled obligation. Hopefully, HMRC will one day make this data available via the API at the point of viewing a fulfilled obligation (and not just at the point of submission). Until then it's up to the software developer to store this data and make it available to the user.

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