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Virtual Assistant (VA)

Do you use one?

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I am thinking about taking on a virtual assistant to do the following:

1) Chase outstanding debts

2) Reconcile practice's Xero/QuickBooks,. NOT client's. 

3) For new enquiries call after a certain period of time - Hello and update. What they decided in the end (if not us).

4) If possible train new clients on QuickBooks. 

5) At times takes my calls 

I am sure more will come to my mind later. 

Do you use a VA? What do they do? feedback? Costs? Is it a day or more? 





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By Slim
28th Apr 2021 14:41

I thought you had staff?

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
28th Apr 2021 15:14

Yes I have one she manages emails for me, books appointments. sends my invoices to receipt bank and does some social media posting

You buy blocks of hours from them I am just on small package but cannot wait to get up the ranks as it will mean I have passed on those hours I was previously doing. It will become expensive and as some point cheaper hiring an admin person but a good stop gap, you just need to learn to let go.

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By Moonbeam
28th Apr 2021 17:07

Just as numerous as the hopeless people claiming expertise in bookkeeping are the VA's who claim all sorts of expertise.
I hired someone recently to look for a suitable crm for me. Her email included 2 really complex ones that would be difficult to learn when I said I wanted something simple.
She recommended one simple option but by then I'd lost confidence in her. I realised she didn't really know enough about which crms would work for me to begin with. Someone else recommended one to me instead. I paid her £25 for the privilege and vowed never again.

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Replying to Moonbeam:
By C Graham
30th Apr 2021 13:02

that's not really VA territory. If you wanted CRM recommendations I would have gone to my IT dept who could look into the platform/functionality or just asked around. What did you end up using ?

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Replying to C Graham:
By Moonbeam
30th Apr 2021 15:27

VA's specialise in various areas, and this one told me it was her area. It's now clear to me that she hasn't got a clue about how to be in business.

It's so difficult to check in advance on how good people are in areas that aren't accountancy. But I can see I should have asked her exactly what her process would be and what previous experience she had. Frankly it was quicker to ask people who knew what they were talking about which crm they recommended.

I was recommended One Page crm and this is exactly what I need for the time being.

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Replying to Moonbeam:
By tanyagel
02nd May 2021 19:13

Sounds like you had a bad experience there, however we are not all the same - I promise, there are many of us self-employed book-keepers, business support specialists who are honest and good at their job. If you ever need help again...let me know!

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My photo
By Matrix
28th Apr 2021 17:25

Sounds great, I would love one.

This one even does tax returns:

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Replying to Matrix:
By gainsborough
28th Apr 2021 18:12

I have to admit a little chuckle when I read the customer review "“I was scared of being self-employed, but I suddenly feel like the scary part is being looked after by you" which could be read one of two ways!

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Replying to Matrix:
By tanyagel
02nd May 2021 19:10

Hi Matrix,
There are many of us out there, good ones just waiting to help businesses like yours!
Message me if you want to discuss further.

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By tanyagel
02nd May 2021 19:04

A VA or similar would be a good solution for you! you I ever know unless you give it a try, however I would suggest you discuss in detail your requirements and ensure you have a clear contract/agreement in place.
I offer book-keeping, accountancy and business support, I have been in the industry for over 30 years and specialise in Xero and QuickBooks. May I suggest if you are interested in this avenue then please let me know and I can arrange to discuss further with you - my email address is: [email protected]/mob number 07821 011 014

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