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Virtual Cabinet

Virtual Cabinet

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We are a small practice looking at using Virtual Cabinet for our document management. In particular the client portal to ensure clients financial information is secure and not transmitted unencrypted seems a big plus.

Do others use this already and if so how good is it or are other document management systems used?

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By Cloudcounter
26th Mar 2014 15:59


We've used Docusoft for coming up to 8 years now and always found that it does what we ask of it.  They've introduced a portal as well, which we don't currently use but are going to look at.

Can't compare it with VC as I haven't felt the need to look at any alternatives (Unlike some other software that I could mention!)



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By leicsred
26th Mar 2014 16:00

I must say that VC looks very good - there are other options - as we wanted CRM and PM too we went with Logical Office. But if we just wanted a document management system we probably would have gone with VC.

In terms of portal, I think anyone can sign up for Iris Openspace portal if you did decide to go with another provider.


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By martinsward
26th Mar 2014 18:15

We have used both Docusoft and Virtual Cabinet
We are a two office 100+ user practice. We originally started with Docusoft (indeed we were one of their first customers). Unfortunately we outgrew Docusoft as they never staffed up to cope with the larger user base and thus customer service started to deteriorate.
We re-researched the market for DM systems and determined that Virtual Cabinet was the best of breed, and therefore switched a couple of years ago. We certainly do not regret the decision and would highly recommend Virtual Cabinet.
Yes there are still improvements to be made, but DM is a developing market and we are pleased with the way that Lindenhouse listen to our suggestions.

The portal is very good and easy to use. It certainly impresses the security conscious clients.

Martin Ward
Dodd & Co

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26th Mar 2014 20:22

Highly Recommended
We've been using Virtual Cabinet for a few years now, adopting it as a tool to allow the practice to go paperless and improve the communication, security and ease of sign off of year end compliance documents.

The software has evolved quickly over that time with the latest version and the new document packs functionality working beautifully.

Post is now pretty much a thing of the past and even those clients who we feared would never adopt the technology are now avid users of the portal.

Great integration with IRIS makes the flow of documents a dream and minor historical niggles have been developed out of existence so we're really happy with the choice.

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By davidakime
27th Mar 2014 09:47

Virtual cabinet all the way

We have made the switch over from Invu to Virtual cabinet and would recommend VC above anything else out there.


The software is easy for staff to use and as such staff training is straight froward and they take to using it very easily.


The portal is now really coming into its own and allows us to communicate with our clients in a secure way and clients find it so simple to use. Turnaround times for getting documents signed have dramatically reduced and so the last minute clients are much easier to deal with.


Going paperless is a shock to some, so good pre-install planning including looking at what you do now and questioning why you do it is a good place to start. We found so many things were being done because that was how X or Y had always done it for years.


In summary a resounding thumbs up for VC but make sure you take their advice and plan what you want to get out of it before you start installing the software.

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By andrew55
27th Mar 2014 12:14

Another vote for VC from me. And Lindenhouse are nice helpful people to deal with.

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By wilcoskip
27th Mar 2014 12:52


I've used VC for about a year and a half now.  I can only echo what's been said above.

The product itself is easy to use and does what it says on the tin.  The integration with the IRIS database works well for me.  The customer service and technical team are very friendly and helpful.

No complaints here at all.  One of the better investments I've made in my practice.



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By JanK
27th Mar 2014 21:31

VC cabinet

We started using VC in September last year and have not looked back since.  I can highly recommend VC and the team at Lindenhouse and would have no hesitation in recommending the software.  As far as I am concerned we took far too long thinking about and wished we had just got on with it months ago.  I like the fact you can email documents as pdf straight from the cabinet and lot lots more. The search facility to find your docs is also excellent.

We have also used the portal and see this as a great tool for those repeat offenders supplying information late in January! 


Good luck really is worth the investment!


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By phcu111
28th Mar 2014 08:19


Thank you for your responses - very helpful

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