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Virtual Cabinet latest thoughts?

Anyone chosen this recently as a Doc MS and Client Doc Portal solution?

Hi I am close to signing up for VC as a Doc MS and it has a portal that can be branded for client documents.

I think the monthly fee is reasonable but the install costs are a little high and separately my IT support have suggested a server setup that is an about 2.5k and would also eventually host CCH.

I am a pretty small practice at the moment but want to be able to expand easily without having messy systems.

Has anyone had any nightmare with VC or recently moved off of it to something else?



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26th Sep 2017 21:15

We're a 30 person firm and implemented VC 12 months ago. Installation was faultless and its worked perfectly since. Yes the upfront is a wee bit pricey, but the on going is reasonable.

For completeness we are with hosted desktop (who are also also faultless)

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By mickyg
27th Sep 2017 16:24

We started with VC at the beginning of this year and had the same worries but, as of today, we consider it to be a good investment. They are a good firm to deal with and there have been no hidden surprises post installation.

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29th Sep 2017 11:50


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By johnt27
21st Feb 2018 13:23

Personally, I'm not a big fan - maybe it's our implementation but I find it clunky and slow and the search features/document templates don't seem to perform particularly well!

Instead of DM system have you considered a full-blown CRM? It should handle all the features of DM but actually, improve your customer relationships/contact.

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