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VitalTax MTD briging software

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I submitted my first MTD VAT return yesterday and wanted to say how impressed I was was with VitalTax.  It is free for the first year and was very easy to use.

The only issue I had was that I was using an old version of Excel so couldn't work out how to get the VitalTax add-in from the Microsoft Store.   Fortunately, I also have Office 365 and so used the Excel in that instead.

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By spilly
26th Jul 2019 00:36

Yep, we’ve recommended it to a couple of clients and they are v happy with the ease of use.
The ‘how to’ clip is really helpful as it means we are not having to handhold the client through the process.

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By buttercup books
01st Aug 2019 13:26

Just logged on for the sole purpose of giving a heads up for Vitaltax as brilliant bridging software, and find there's already a thread.

Initially I had the same problem as the OP with difficulty getting the add-in into excel. Vital tax talked me through the necessary updates, - who knew Microsoft office doesn't automatically do it's own updates,

but now Vital tax works a treat, there are templates for most software, Sage 50 etc, couldn't be easier,

Sage want £1000 a year to file my VAT returns, Vitaltax want -- nothing - no brainer

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By John R
01st Aug 2019 14:43

I totally agree. This is excellent software. I did have an initial problem in that after downloading it, I looked for it in Excel under the "Add ins" tab when I should have used the Insert/My Apps tab. I have some clients who have set it up for themselves and others for whom we submit returns. Includes the ability to print/PDF copy VAT returns, which I understand others do not.

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By garethgreen
03rd Sep 2019 11:38

Another satisfied user. Works well on MS Excel for Mac 2016.

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By mikesurrey
23rd Dec 2019 21:10

It is so simple and effective, many thanks to all who have posted on this forum - I wouldn't of found it otherwise !!

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