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voluntary strike-off - Claim form

goods imported , held at port health , shipping company in UK claiming full dumarage and rent

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I had a small company turn over in 2019 / 20 less than 2000 GBP , we import goods to UK ( food) and sell it whole sale ( this is a start up ) I have an agent in UK and who introduced me to a agent in the country of orgin ( exporter ) , we placed our 3rd order , which is 2CBM ( value 1000 £ ) , when shipment arrived in the UK port health had interest in one of the items and stopped the container , ( the forwarder in the country of orgin had sent it as a consolidated combined shipment in a 40 FT container ) We were expecting the goods one month before the date it arrived , ( obviousely goods did get delayed at country of orgin ) the goods were stuck at port health for a long time ( according to my clearing agent it was due to the season ) sudenly afterabout 6 weeks the shipping company in UK raised me for a 6 K invoice claiming dumarage and rent ( which had no breakdown or rate per day ) i disputed the invoice , as i had no warning about these charges , and this is beyond my LTD company. I had no dealing with this shipping company up until this point, ( i assume i have no agreement with them ) my shipper or the forwarder in the country of orgin also didnt warn about these charges prior to shipping , my cargo was comparitively small . on the other hand we had no stock in had to sell , we were acuumulating cost we go to a point we had to call it a day with the business as we have no stock to sell and the cargo didnt arrive. so we decided to go for a voluntary strike-off. the port health decided to destroy one item which they said may not be imported to the UK. shipping company asked me to clear the balance goods . which i did as they were claiming for more charges and dumpped the goods at a storage , at this point im not trading, then the shipping compnay in the uk approcached me for the earlier invoice i said we have no money to pay we can only give the goods or value afrer disposing them. now after couple months i have received a claim form for my company , we are not trading , what should i do ,

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