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Volunteer accountants for short (45 min) zoom meet

Volunteer accountants for short (45 min) zoom meeting about cloud accounting implementation in SMEs

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Hi all. I am currently writing an academic paper regarding the implementation of cloud accounting software with SME clients. I am particular interested in whether there have been any improvement in the clients accounting and financial management.  I am looking for a small number of practitioners to take part in approx 45 minute Zoom meeting. Ideally you should have worked or be working with businesses of varying size from one man bands up to more substantial SMEs. Please PM me via this site and preferably let me have your email address. I am happy to share my findings with any participants.



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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
07th Sep 2021 17:08

Well I can tell you without the 45 minutes that its not cloud that saves time, its using modern software vs using old hat stuff like SAGE which is poorly integrated.

Cloud or desktop or hosted by the cat is well down the list.

At the small end (sole traders etc) then there is little difference excel / cloud / paper and pen and is mainly down to the user's preference. Put a paper and pen guy onto software and you will usually just get a horrible mess.

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By stepurhan
07th Sep 2021 19:06

45 minutes is a not insignificant amount of time, especially when you are asking accountants to share information in their professional capacity.

Are you able to provide a bit more detail on what you are planning to cover in the meetings? Are you intending this as group meetings (hard to arrange) or individual meetings?

I'm also intrigued as to why you, an accountant by your past posts, are writing an academic paper at all. A small, self-selected, group of accountants is unlikely to be representative. That being the case, you are unlikely to be able to reach any accurate conclusions with broad application. This makes your offer of sharing your findings, the only "payment" on offer for participation, not particularly enticing. What are you hoping to achieve?

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By Beancounting
07th Sep 2021 19:36

Hi Stepurhan. You make some perceptive comments. It is a study as part of a qualification I am doing. I have taken the liberty of sending you a pm.

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By Leywood
08th Sep 2021 00:19

Perhaps answer Stepurhans questions on here, that way you may get more takers.

That said, I value 45 minutes of my time more than £nil and would rather sit in my garden in the sun. Can you not get what you need from the many many comments on here about how (bad) clients data is in the cloud? Lots of posts, I’m sure they can help

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