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Volunteer my services - West Yorkshire

Volunteer my services - West Yorkshire


I am currently looking to offer my services voluntarily on Saturday mornings in the Bradford area.
I do have a car so I am willing to travel a little bit, Halifax etc.

I have wrote to local accountants but seem to get no reply, my next job being follow up calls on the next batch of letters.

I am currently working full-time in industry whilst studying AAT (currently level 3). My role is predominantly sales ledger and I am getting little other experience. In time my ultimate goal is to work in practice.

Other than my full-time role, I was the Assistant Secretary for my local working men’s club for approximately 6 months. This involved bookkeeping using excel, manual wages, completing VAT returns and dealing with correspondence from HMRC.
Also, in January 2010 a close family friend passed away. I and his friend were given the task to complete probate and inheritance tax. I was directly involved in completing the estate summary and the calculation of inheritance tax along with completing the required inheritance tax forms.

If any of you are interested in having a volunteer, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Also any advise is more than welcome.

Many Thanks


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08th Feb 2012 10:40

Saturday mornings is probably no good for accountants

Although I have great admiration for your willingness to work unpaid, I do not see you having a lot of success with Saturday mornings. My reasons are that most accountants don't want to work Saturday's at the best of time and although some marketing specialists are starting to say open the office on a Saturday to attract more clients, I'm guessing that most accountants would not be willing to do so initially. As for me a Saturday at work is rare and only undertaken at busy times of the year. If I turn in on a Saturday I have already planned work allocated and want to speed through this as quickly as possible and then either go home to family or nip in the pub for a quick refresher. The thought of having a Saturday as an effective training day is not one that appeals to me as an accountant.

Have you specifically looked to see what accountants are advertising opening on a Saturday and approach them?

Best of luck.


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08th Feb 2012 10:47

Your letter!

Your letter contains several spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. This will deter potential employers, or businesses willing to give you free training in exchange for help in the office.

Have you tried job clubs or something similar? They give lots of help with CV, application letters, etc.

Also, if you are in full-time employment, have you checked your employment contract or spoken to a manager to make sure this will not jeopardise your current role?

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By mrme89
08th Feb 2012 11:11

Thank you for your reply Chesterfield Accountancy - I read an article that was about more and more accountants opening on Saturdays. This is what gave me the idea to volunteer on a Saturday. I have specifically only targeted accountants that open on Saturdays (looking on websites for office opening hours). Surely I have nothing to lose by sending a few letters and posting the odd thread here and there? Unfortunately, I am in no financial position to work part-time to volunteer through the week. I need a car to get to college and work, with insurance alone costing £160.00 per month it is just not possible. 

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