Vouchers for surveys - are they taxable?

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Are vouchers for surveys completed taxable and to be put on a self-assessment tax return? I often do surveys in return for small voucher amounts, and these build up over the course of a year, eg around £100 in total and are mostly Amazon vouchers.

I sometimes also do surveys for small cash payments and will declare these on my tax return, but am unsure about voucher payments.

I do this alongside my main job (I am self-employed, ie not PAYE, and complete a tax return).

Are these voucher amounts to be put on a tax return?

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By The Dullard
28th Jul 2023 09:56

They are monetary rewards for you providing the service of completing the surveys, whether they take the form of money or something that can be used as money. It is all miscellaneous income and the £1,000 allowance can be utilised if you are not already using it against your self-employment income.

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By Derrenly
28th Jul 2023 11:40

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