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VT accounts

VT accounts

I'm just about to give up Viztopia on the grounds of annual cost, and likelihood of its being abandoned within a couple of years anyway. Most likely moving to VT and wondered whether there are any difficulties in adapting to this excel based model.  It is certainly not as automated in terms of notes but are there any other drawbacks?

One current problem  I have is making PDF copies of years of Viztopia data, given the lack of read only ability/access, once the licence is given up.  So anyone thinking about changing should be warned.  I wonder if this affects Sage or Iris users?


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12th Mar 2012 13:12


I use VT and find it great especially the cost compared to other bookkeeping packages. Its really easy to use and it has a free cashbook that you can give to clients for free.


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12th Mar 2012 14:13




I have recently switched to VT.

The main issue we had was I wasn't too impressed with some of the formatting (headings, contents, position of things like the signature etc  not quite how I like them) and spent quite a lot of time creating a custom template that pretty much mirrored my previous supplier (Digita which had a great layout  on the pre-iXBRL version) but now I have spend the time the rest of it I think is really good.   The good news is that its really easy to amend the templates as its all in excel which I am sure most accountants are pretty good at! I should point out I am really quite pedantic about layouts, the standard templates are fine to use.

As with anything new there are some things it doesn't do that the previous software did, and some things it does that it didn't, but overall after about 10 sets it already seems to be quicker so I am pleased about the switch. 

I hope that helps.


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12th Mar 2012 16:07


Hi Everyone,

Just joined, have looked at VT accounts myself for possible use so these comments are promising!



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12th Mar 2012 20:58

the best!

I'm an experienced Sage user who tried out the main systems 3 years ago when setting up.  VT was a clear winner:

1.  Ability to delete and edit journals already posted.

2.  Good recognition of entries when you begin typing.

3.  Very fast to update right through to final accounts.

4.  Good flexibity in adding new P&L and balance sheet lines to final accounts.

5.  No problems at all with IXBRLi filing and so far I've done loads of limited company filing.

Drawbacks - I could do with a few more reports, and that's about it.

Knocks Sage into a cocked hat several times over in my view!




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12th Mar 2012 21:09

been there myself

when I switched from my employer to my own business I switched to VT from Viztopia

Viz was a good tool that provided a good set of accounts, so long as you customised it yourself.

VT is so easy, I too like an earier poster am VERY pedantic on disclosures, headings, underling and paget set up that every new client/workbook I set up I have to format headings to suit my small mindedness BUT even that takes far less than the time I used to spend on Viz making the notes work.

Please do PM me if you want any practical advice on the diffrenecs and good and bad stuff


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12th Mar 2012 23:59

Another vote from me

Yes, VT is easy to use and produces decent looking accounts.

The cashbook/transaction modules are great for bookkeeping.

Importing Sage TB's is also a piece of cake.


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13th Mar 2012 06:43

mistake post


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13th Mar 2012 11:32

Viztopia being disbanded in a couple of years ?

Where have you heard this from ?

Use VT Transaction+ and it is very user friendly and client friendly (no nominal codes for example).

The deletion of journals etc can be good news, but can also be bad as there is no audit trail in relation to this.

Overall however, VT is a hit.

Never used the accounts module as use Viztopia - see above....


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to lionofludesch
13th Mar 2012 23:46


I am given to understand that the Viztopia program, which goes back to Solution 6, and before that, Finax, is destined to be phased out in a couple of years, and the company is putting its effort into a newer accounts production program, which name I can't remember at the moment.  I have the feeling that this is really meant for the bigger practice, because it will integrate with the management program, and I would rather use various single purpose programs.  My life is not that complicated, and integration is not necessary.  I may be wrong on this, but it was the extra cost that initially pushed me into making a change, and I think I will be able to manage without nominal codes, and complicated note editing, even though one has to be more alert to filling in various disclosures for oneself

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