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VT and Dropbox

VT and Dropbox

Some of my clients use VT for bookkeeping. It is a hassle to make sure I have the latest version of the VT file.

I am thinking about sharing the VT file/folder with clients through Dropbox. I think they would get a Dropbox link from me though which they would be able to access the file. This way both the client and us would be working on the same file.

Before I go ahead, I would be grateful if  people could share their experience and views on this practice. Would this work? Have you done this? If so all okay?


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10th Apr 2012 09:30

I would not do this for two reasons.

Firstly sods law indicates that at some point you will both end up working on the file simultaneously which causes various dropbox issues.

Secondly I could not trust most of my clients to save it back to dropbox when they have finished.

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By chatman
10th Apr 2012 09:54

VT/Dropbox: Don't see why not

I don't see why not. Presumably the client could just work on it without moving it from the Dropbox folder, so no need to save it anywhere different.

You could always call to check no-one is using the file before you start using it.

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By Hansa
10th Apr 2012 10:33

Have used VT & Dropbox (now Wuala) for years

I agree with Chatman.  The worst that can happen is "conflicted copies" resulting in someone's time being wasted/duplicated.  Compared to the alternatives this is still pretty efficient.

However may I draw attention to the lack of security on Dropbox in that (1) As recently as last month every file of every customer was available to all, without password, for 4 hours! (2) Being American, the US authorities need only cite the "Patriot Act" to demand your files without your knowledge and without a Court Order. (3) An unspecified number of Dropbox staff have access to users passwords ...

A more secure alternative is which is encrypted "end to end" with only the customer having the "key", and is not hosted in the USA.  Similar terms of service, slightly more effort to set up but far better security.

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