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VT Cash Book - do clients like it?

VT Cash Book - do clients like it?

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How many people here have clients using VT Cashbook? I use VT Transaction + / Final accounts extensively and if I could get a good portion of my clients using VT cashbook it would increase my efficiency quite considerably. And it’s free which is fantastic!

It seems simple to use for me but I’m wondering in reality how do clients find using it, compared to say their own spreadsheets or FreeAgent? Do they generally need a little hand-holding at the start and then they’re off with minimal supervision? I also like the fact that as long as the client is on VAT cash accounting they can use it to generate their VAT return.

I am still happy to encourage FreeAgent use as while it is clunky in some ways (double entry journals, no month end balance sheet reports) it is efficient in others (dividend paperwork, invoicing/bank feed automation)



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By nigelburge
14th Mar 2013 10:50

Mine use it.

Quite a number of my clients use it.

Some need a little hand holding to start with - others take to it immediately with no problem. They all like the fact that it is free and it makes the y/e a doddle. Those that are VAT registered just love it since it is so easy to do VAT returns.


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By Jimess
14th Mar 2013 12:17

A few use it

We are pretty new to VT ourselves - only a year or so into it, but already a few of our clients use it.  I now encourage new starters to download VT cash book or if they need more sophisticated accounting get them on to VT Transaction+ and spend a bit of time with them explaining how it works and get them started with it.  The more time you can give at the outset reaps the benefits later, as you say the time efficiencies in just being able to import into VT accounts is massive.

Existing clients are gradually moving over to VT and really like the ease with which you can enter postings, most were die hard Sage users and could believe how easy it is to produce reports from VT. In particular the error correction on VT is so much more practical than Sage and we do not have to trawl through huge amounts of reversed postings when reviewing the accounts.  One client loves the at a glance ledgers that he can flick between current period, year to date and previous year. Some like the fact that they can send the file to us to review before they submit VAT returns etc and some just send us the file with their invoices, bank statements etc at the year end.   So yes - VT is well liked by my clients so far.

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By redman7
19th Mar 2013 23:39

thanks for the feedback 

I'm going to try it on a couple of clients and see how it goes :-)

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By tino
06th May 2013 03:02

Three of my clients are now using just to capture all invoices details for any income paid to them as well to capture their expenses and then simply generate reports monthly and send it to me as a Microsoft Excel file or even a PDF. It is a very easy tool to use, and does not require that you have any accounting knowledge at all. You just record your invoice or receipt number (for expenses), amount, date, how much VAT or GST etc in less than a minute and it does everything else for you.

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By Mamdo
20th Oct 2013 17:09




Hi every body

I'm new one here , and need the help

the cash book is free software, how can we use it for other transactions such sales and customers ? 

or only to deal with cash  payment and income ?

thank you for explaination


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