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Vt filer fantastic

Vt filer fantastic

Not a question but a statement!!!!

Many many times I have spent nearly £6 registered post to Companies House to file accounts before the deadline.

Even then you can not be certain that there will not be some problem.

I have looked at Companies House template but it looked average and could not be bothered to spend the time re typing.

But hello to VT filer.

I love VT and now filing accounts could not be easier at Companies House.


Well done VT


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25th Mar 2013 21:23

Goody goody :)

I haven't tried it yet as I don't have any accounts to file, but can't wait to try it out :)

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By Flash Gordon
25th Mar 2013 21:39


Is it up and running? I hadn't realised. Splendidly splendid, I am excited :)

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25th Mar 2013 21:46

It's a beta update.

Found it on acing web somewhere!!!

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25th Mar 2013 21:55

they have finally got there then !

CH template for abv accounts still has a quirk in it re debtors note

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26th Mar 2013 08:13

Yeh .... that's their subs paid for in saved postage!

Will have to go look.

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26th Mar 2013 11:12

Used it once and agree it's great.  I was already electronic filing using BTC which was a massive improvement on traditional mail, but VT simplifies the process. 

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27th Mar 2013 10:22

Love you VT!!

Client with accounts due at CH by 31.03 ... no problem sent by post on the 13th March. Just went to file annual return and noticed accounts still not received. Client now on holiday. £150.00 hit on the way ... but NO VT filer works first time.

What a great enhancement.

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27th Mar 2013 14:50


Just filed our first set with VT - wow, what an improvement!

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By seitler
29th Mar 2013 13:44

It just gets better ! Well done VT


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29th Mar 2013 14:30

Digita and Iris

Both have been filing online for some time.

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29th Mar 2013 15:05


Great thing about VT though is it only cost £199 + vat (£150 if you're an existing customer).

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29th Mar 2013 15:32

I'll give you that.

I may even move to Moneysoft rather than Sage Payroll purely on cost but I will trial it first.

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By redman7
29th Mar 2013 15:35

Used it today

Used VT filer today, awesome :-)

Accepted at Companies House within two minutes of submission.

Thanks VT


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29th Mar 2013 16:24

not used it yet....

even though I have submitted three sets of accounts and 5 CT600's so far todayn (one more set to start and finish by Sunday!)

Have been enetering the details in the companies House portal - didn't want to risk not understanding new VT filer but based on the above I should have just used it!

@Peter - if you switch to Moneysoft you really won't regret it - I promise you.



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29th Mar 2013 16:33


I'm looking forward to getting it as soon as I finish payroll year end.

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01st Apr 2013 11:48

VT co house filer

Cannot agree more.  It is so easy and efficient.

Note for Peter (and the whole world)  VT, taxcalc and moneysoft.  all you will ever need!

VT is excel based, so clear and easy.  particularly for client queries.  TB is always there

Taxcalc are even including a database as well, which is handy.  sa100, sa800 populate from VT though not CT600

Moneysoft is amazing value



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to Sheepy306
01st Apr 2013 11:58

BTC does

Lutondata wrote:

Taxcalc are even including a database as well, which is handy.  sa100, sa800 populate from VT though not CT600

one of the reason's I've just moved :)

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02nd Apr 2013 09:07


Good point Kent.  BTC another great independant supplier.  Long may they continue to thrive!

Another one building up is Glide Practice software. Its a great job tracker and work organiser.  Early days for them but good value package

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03rd Apr 2013 10:59


used VT filer for the first time yesterday and again today.

Amazingly easy.  Is it wrong to get excited about filing accounts !!

Also agreed with Moneysoft.  Am a recent convert and am very impressed.

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By Flash Gordon
03rd Apr 2013 11:02

Did it yesterday

I filed my first set of accounts with it yesterday - very easy. Happy bunny in Flashville :)

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03rd Apr 2013 11:24

VT Filer = Amazing

Great job VT. If you were a woman, I would marry you. (hope Mrs HK is not a Aweb member in disguise).

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03rd Apr 2013 12:00

Why a woman?

I thought anybody could marry anybody now or at least pretty soon.

I may even demand to have the right to marry myself!


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