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VT Final accounts

VT Final accounts

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currently using sage for final accounts but have reached a point where i need additional companies but the costs are too high to carry on.

i've heard about VT final accounts but there is no trial version available - is it any good?

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By ShirleyM
08th Mar 2011 14:43


We moved from Sage to VT last year.

The VT accounts/reports are not as 'pretty' as those produced by Sage, and I created a macro to reformat them to look like Sage Acounts. However, I was sending out draft accounts in the standard VT format, and not one of my clients commented on the difference, so I saved myself a bit of time and stopped reformatting.

I also save lots of time preparing accounts in VT, rather than Sage! Same goes for TaxCalc. I wish I had started using VT/TaxCalc years ago and saved myself a lot of time, frustration, and money.

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By Albert Camus
08th Mar 2011 16:25

VT accounts is brilliant

I ran £500k of GRF on VT accounts. Loved it. Would buy it again. Get it now.

Albert Camus

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By Monsoon
08th Mar 2011 16:27

VT is brilliant

It's brilliant. It's simple yet does the job, I find it very quick to use. I was showing a trainee how to use it today and they picked it up easily too.

I don't have a bad word to say about it. Do it now!!

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By johnc1711
09th Mar 2011 21:03

Try it and you will not regret it

It does what it says on the tin

Much easier to use than programmes that are ten/twenty times the cost.  

I think they give a 60day money back guarantee

I have reommended it to a number of accountants and no one has ever sent it back

Try it and enjoy 

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By vtsoftware
17th Mar 2011 10:44

Trial version of VT Accounts

We will be making a 60 day trial version of VT Accounts available for downloading from our web site next week.

Philip Hodgson
VT Software

The trial version can now be downloaded from

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17th Mar 2011 10:46

VT is great

I have used VT final accounts for 10+ years, excellent product and great support, although you dont need support very much. I use Digita for personal tax (and CT) and it links well.

I have moved nearly all my Sage clients over to VT Transaction over the last few years. Clients love that as well.

Dont be put off by the old fashioned interface, both pieces of software fit the bill perfectly.

Also, have a look at Thesaurus Software for payroll. I have used this for many years. Esier to use than Sage, £80 per year. Clients love this also.

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By RogerNeale
17th Mar 2011 11:03

Diamond Discovery

Take a look at Diamond Discovery's offering of  "Comprehensive Accounts" in conjunction with the ICPA.

For ICPA members, it's only £100 for up to 50 companies or £150 for an unlimited number of companies.
For non-ICPA members it's £120 and £180 respectively.

AND there's a free 90 day trial available.


Roger Neale
Perkeo Computer Systems Ltd
07714 670789

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By jasonholden
17th Mar 2011 11:29


VT is well worth the money, we have just submitted our first iXBRL set of accounts, easy doesn't even describe how VT makes it.

I have noticed it looks like VT may be doing a CT Comp facility, if they do it's a no brainer.

You can use the bookkeeping package if you want supporting working papers or just enter data straight into TB.


Holden Associates

Small Business Blog

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By terry morris
17th Mar 2011 11:33

Terry Morris

I have used VT and Taxcalc for three years after moving from Keytime and previously Sage 50. Apart from the low cost I have found the products easy to use, I have also with ease trained my son to do his own book keeping saving me considerable time. No doubt two of the best products on the market. I have also submitted 7 sets of final accounts in the new ixbrl format using both programs conversion tools with not one problem.

By going to the VT site you can download the software for 60 days, if you decide to buy you will not lose any of the data and information already completed, sign of a good company that lets you try before you buy.

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By elansea
17th Mar 2011 13:17


It's really good. I have used it for over 13 years. The support is excellent too. I am coping with the iXBRL also.

It doesn't handle LLPs which could be a problem, and it won't handle consolidations either.


I love it!



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By chatman
17th Mar 2011 13:55

VT Better than Digita

I moved from Digita to VT. VT is easier and quicker to use and it is cheaper.

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By darrenwilliams
07th Apr 2011 16:34

Speed and ease


I am also maybe thinking of making such a move, I act for sole trader, partnerships and Limited companies.

The people who have transferred, how does the input times for information (like 100 journals of 20 transactions for each journal) in what looks like Excel (?) compare with the module in Sage, as I quite like the journal module in Sage and find it very quick to use.


Many thanks


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By chatman
07th Apr 2011 19:32

Import Journals, don't bother inputting

it takes seconds in VT 

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