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VT IXBRL abb. accounts - rejected by companies house

VT IXBRL abb. accounts - rejected by companies...

A colleague of ours has had difficulty in submitting VT IXBRL files to companies house, I don't have any details of how they've tried submitting the accounts or any error messages they've had. We have had an email from VT stating the files are in the correct format as long as we have a method of submission. What submission method works best? 


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By occca
11th May 2012 16:25

Need more information
How has your colleague tried to submit them - I think this is key?

We use Companies House software to submit the abb accounts even though we use VT - you would need software that allowed submission to Companies House directly, other than HMRC's own software (which in my experience is awful) I am not sure what other packages allow this

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By hmyers
to johngroganjga
05th Oct 2012 14:51

alternative efiling of accounts to Companies House

You might take a look at TDF which is a small bespoke package that efiles Abbreviated Accounts to Companies House.

For the average small company takes a couple of minutes.

Here's a web link



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11th May 2012 17:24


We submit accounts using Companies House website for abbreviated accounts and not had any problems (The accounts are produced in VT).

We also submit hard copy company accounts to Companies House (produced in VT) and not had any problems to date. 

On top of that we use the iXBRL (again using VT) for the Corporation tax submission using PTP and not had any problems. 

I know that if you tinker about the accounts the tagging gets messed up and you end up with accounts being rejected by HMRC. But besides this, we've never had any problems. 

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