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VT online training recommendations

Can anyone recommend a VT transaction plus online trainer please.

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I need to recommend a simple software package for my clients in light of MTD. I think Quickbooks, Sage etc appear to be complicated and clients get themselves into a mess without realising. I use VT accounts and have some experience of transaction plus but not a lot. I am aware that you can feed in your bank statements but have not tried it. Has anyone used a VT software trainer? If so, does it save time or should I just work it out myself? Hope you Guys can help, thanks.


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By cbp99
12th Feb 2019 16:07

VT Transaction+ is very easy to learn and use. Its own helpfiles are fairly comprehensive and within an hour or so you should be au fait with all but the rarely used features.
When we introduce it to clients we give them a tutorial in the office, then ask them to post a week or month's transactions, and send us the file to check they are on the right lines. One of the benefits is the ease of making corrections.

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By Di
12th Feb 2019 16:23

Thanks for your comments, do you use the bank statement feed? If so, does it work or are you better off manually inputting the bank transactions?

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By Matrix
12th Feb 2019 22:00

There is no bank feed, it is not cloud software.

There’s the Universal Input Sheet instead.

You really need to spend some time learning it if you want to see if it would suit your clients. I don’t know any business people who use it, only bookkeepers.

It is fantastic in my view.

There used to be some training, do a search or ask VT, the trainers were independent.

The only software I would trust my clients to use themselves is FreeAgent, although a few are OK with Xero.

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By Matrix
to Matrix
12th Feb 2019 22:06

From VT’s site:

If you do get your clients to use it that would be great as the feed into VT final accounts works very well. There is no audit trail though and you would have to keep the file in a shared directory so your client can edit while you prepare the accounts. I have had problems with version control and transactions being edited.

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By daniel_
12th Feb 2019 23:36

To me the lack of audit trail means I wouldn't want to let a client loose on VTT unless they really know what they're doing.

The flexibility can also work to your advantage for things like incomplete records jobs.

I agree that it's quite easy to figure out, between the built-in help file, the odd youtube tutorial floating around and prodding and poking at it to find out what each button does.

The universal input sheet lets you copy an entire table of transactions from Excel, either raw csv from the bank or pre-analyse them before posting which saves a lot of time compared with filling in each transaction in date order.

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14th Feb 2019 13:47

This is also quite good
So glad that VT is bringing a bridging software.

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