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VT Software

VT Software

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Hi all

The practise I work for use Sage accounting and tax software.  I am setting up on my own though and am considering VT software to keep costs down.

Reading up on it it appears to me that it only carries through to Corporation Tax software.  Can any VT users advise/recomend which tax software they use please.

Thanks in advance


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By Ken Howard
11th Nov 2011 14:04


I use taxcalc and it integrates with VT very well.  But I believe that VT are also bringing out their own CT software filing software soon, so may be better to wait a short while.  You could ask VT directly about timescales and costs - they do have very good customer service.

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By Andrew Ross BTCSoftware
11th Nov 2011 15:56

Tax Software with VT

Hello Wendy,

BTCSoftware links well with VT for populationof both SA, CT & Companies House filing. But don't just take my word for it. Take a look at the following.

Andrew Ross, BTCSoftware


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By Anthony Smith
11th Nov 2011 17:02

VT and BTC

I use both VT and BTC in my practice and my experience is that they work together very well.

Anthony Smith.


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By chatman
13th Nov 2011 15:17

I use TaxCalc

VT say their CT Software will be available in September 2013.

I use VT and TaxCalc, which I am very happy with. I tried Absolute but found it difficult to install and use and found it difficult to contact their support people. Having said that, it seems to be well regarded by other AWeb users.

I used to use Digita, which was a nightmare compared to VT and TaxCalc.

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By fidget5400
14th Nov 2011 09:16



for all your comments.  Once I have a minute spare I'll check out TaxCalc and BTC.


thanks again

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