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VT Software - Final Accounts and 64 bit Exel

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Hi Folks - Our ageing Windows 7 machines have been upgraded and updated so many times that they are now very hard to "wake up" in the morning. So we have renewed our PC's, operating systems and packages to Windows 10 and Office 2019 (64 bit).

Loading packages onto the new machines and installing all of the software that we need to run the practice with no problem until - VT Software states that Final Accounts does not run on 64 bit versions of Exel. VT Transaction and cashbook does however.

Immediate email to VT Support, who's only answer is to uninstall 64 bit version of Office and reinstall 32 bit version. When i challenged this they further added most clients run on 32 bit systems. Which begs the question - why is Transaction on 64 bit then?

VT - love the software but keeping split systems on differing PC operating systems is likely to cause problems when exporting Trial Balances from one version into Final Accounts on a different version (otherwise there would be no incompatability - would there?).

Late update - "VT Final Accounts doesn't run on 64 bit Exel and never will. Reinstalling the 32bit version of Office isn't difficult, if we had IT people in the practice they would be bale to change it for you". The cheek of some people!

Anyone else come across this problem?

Frustrated  and steaming of Coalville.


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18th Apr 2019 11:23

I have never used, nor had any reason to consider using, 64-bit versions of Office products. That said, it's one or t'other so if you want to use VT you'd best uninstall the 64 bit version.

The assertion made by VT support that most of their clients run 32 bit systems seems somewhat ludicrous though. 32-bit Office I would believe but not 32-bit Windows. That limits you to 4Gb RAM.

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18th Apr 2019 11:35

VT Transaction+ is actually 32 bit.

Because VT Final Accounts uses many components from VT Transaction+ it is not practical to make it run in 64 bit Excel.

The default install version of Excel is 32 bit even on 64 bit PC's.

I'm sorry if one of my support staff has been a bit flippant, but there is no other advice they have to give.

Philip Hodgson

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18th Apr 2019 12:09

Do you have a particular need for 64bit Office? Not many people use it unless they have large data requirements.

In broad terms, 32bit Excel is much more widely supported and more flexible and has less issues with add-ins.

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26th Apr 2019 15:20

only from memory , I think Office 365 defaults to 64bit and you have to adjust it to run on 32bit, which can cause problems between VT and Office 365

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to buttercup books
26th Apr 2019 16:13
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26th Apr 2019 19:30

If you are on office 365 goto the icon from which you originally downloaded. Look at other options on that page and one will allow installation of the 32 bit.

I cant remember whether you have to uninstall 64bit or whether the installation of the 32 bit over writes. What I do know is that any plugins that you have on the 64bit automatically are installed in the 32 bit along with all the settings. Much easier than you think

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