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VT to Taxcalc

Anything to be aware of?


We currently use VT for accounts production and Taxcalc for tax returns. We've had a demo of the latest version of Taxcalc accounts production and think it would be more efficient for us to use this due to the integration. Whilst we do like VT there are a few frustrations such as the page breaks, the manual work involved when new accounts are added etc.

Taxcalc also seem to be improving with each update, now giving the option for the statement of income and retained earnings that have been mentioned on a few courses we have attended, something that VT will not be introducing.

Has anyone made this change recently and does anyone have any guidance before we take the plunge?

Thanks for your help.


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22nd Feb 2018 22:58

I think tax calc is very reasonable for the price, and haven't known anyone to have any major problems with it. I've only known people to move from Iris to tax calc (solely driven by cost saving).

I think you'll definitely benefit from using integrated software.

Like any movement away from software, it's just a case of getting all the comparatives posted on and getting used to the new nominal codes, these are the things that slow you down in the beginning.

I think you'll see a great benefit.



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By RedFive
23rd Feb 2018 08:17

Yes we moved from VT to TaxCalc accounts production a couple of years ago.

Started with the small practice 50 option and retained VT Accounts for the smaller simpler jobs.

Now ditched VT altogether and moved to unlimited accounts and tax and also cloud connect so can use multiple PC’s.

Still use VT transactions for shoe boxers, Sage 50 for the complex clients but 80% clients on QBO now and all TB’s imports fine to TC.

Set each client up with their own mapping so the following year TC remembers the previous year codes.

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01st Mar 2018 11:11

Hi Ultra.

We have been using Digita for PTax and Iris for AP/CTax for the past 15 years but Iris priced us out when we needed to extend our user license.

It took two years of research and we finally went for TaxCalc in May 2017. There is some reduction of functionality but it's slight and you get used to it very quickly.

I believe Tax Calc pitches itself above VT, so it should be an improvement on what you've been used to.

TaxCalc is not too heavy that it's complicated to use, in fact it's relatively easy, we've pretty much self-taught ourselves how to use most of it, with the odd call/e-mail to their support desk if we've been really stuck.

We have retained Digita for now, basically because it's a great system and although they have have a superior product, they clearly still value and support their customers - unlike Iris.

I hope this helps.

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