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VW Emissions scandal

VW Emissions scandal

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Would anyone wish to speculate on how HMRC might react to the VW emissions scandal in respect to company car tax?   Presumably the benefits in kind reported on a significant number of vehicles might be incorrect and perhaps for a number of years. 

I would like to think HMRC would accept the companies acted in good faith when they placed reliance upon the emission figures provided and therefore would not seek extra NIC and tax for earlier periods.   But presumably it would be inappropriate now they are aware of the incorrect figures to allow the position to continue and there would be a line in the sand where moving forward the benefits would need to be correctly assessed.    

As a side issue I wonder whether there might be a claim possible against VW for the misrepresentations made to companies who purchased the vehicles who have a real loss arising.  

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By Tim Vane
30th Sep 2015 15:03

This has been covered to death already. I can't see that anything retrospective will happen.


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By andrewdiver
30th Sep 2015 15:51

Thanks Tim.   It certainly

Thanks Tim.   It certainly has, how did I miss those! 

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