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Wages paid to someone incapable of work

Wages paid to someone incapable of work

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What are the issues with paying somebody a wage through PAYE who is incapable of work (>90, dementia, carehome) for the directors and the company?

I appreciate that the expenditure could not be classified as wholly, exclusively, etc - (would appreciate pointers to the full guidance on this)

But from a directors standpoint, i.e. fiduciary duty...what are your thoughts.

The payment is historic and has been made to the family member for many years....


added the person has never 'worked' for the company

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By Euan MacLennan
29th Oct 2007 12:49

Pension ?
On the assumption that the family member used to work for the company, this would be a pension paid to a former employee and therefore, fully deductible.

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