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Want my "home" clients to have meetings in my office

Want my "home" clients to have meetings in my...

As many know I moved to an office after working from home for about 2 years.

When I used to work from home, I use to visit clients for meetings. This was okay timewise since I did not have that many clients to speak about. Now that my client numbers have increased it is becoming increasingly difficult. With all new clients I make it clear that meetings will be held in my office.

I would be grateful for any suggestions how can I make my "home clients" come to the office. Though I think "i've made my bed....."

What is the norm on meetings - in the office or clients premises? There is a limit now on how far I will now go on "client is always right" .



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By Monsoon
11th Feb 2011 11:38

Bit by bit

I used to work from home and thus go out to visit clients. I then moved into offices.

Most clients assumed that because I now had an office that they had to visit me. Either that or next time I needed to meet with someone I'd say "would it be convenient for you to meet me at my office?" As it's in a good location, it's not inconvenient for most of my local clients anyway, and most were fine with it.

There are a handful for whom I accept that visiting them is a legacy requirement and I don't mind it (and it's nice to get out and about and have a change of scene).

Don't assume you've 'made your bed;' approach it with an "I'd prefer you to come here but would of course come out to you if needed" attitude and you'll probably get 80% visiting you there (depending of course how far away they are from your office).

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11th Feb 2011 11:39

Time cost..?


Maybe send a general letter/ invitation to all your clients inviting them to the "official opening" of your beautiful new premises (with non tax deductible snacks unfortunately..) where their future meetings will now be held, with wine and snacks and details of nearby parking. Put in the letter that in an effort to be greener and to save your clients your travel time (and cost) all future meetings will now be held within your new surroundings. Ask them to celebrate this new office space as the place where business will be done! In other words make it awkward for them to insist that you come to them - it's not an unreasonable request. Good luck!

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By thacca
11th Feb 2011 12:09


I have an office but still visit a large number of clients. Unless local to the office, I always try and make meetings at the beginning or end of the working day so that I get a good amount of work done in between. 

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12th Feb 2011 11:06

Thanks for the helpful response. I met with one of my "home" client yesterday. I approached her using the suggestions made on this thread. She agreed to come to my office for meetings. A big relief and a good start.

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