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Want to employ a part time telemarketing person

Want to employ a part time telemarketing person

I am thinking about employing a part-time telemarketing person. Having not employed anyone in this field before, I would be grateful for comments on:

  • How the pay and commission should be structured - eg Minimum pay, commission per appointment and then more commission on client signing?
  • Where on the net I should advertise the job (no agencies)
  • Should I offer the person the flexibility to work from home?

I am well aware of downsides of telemarketing so I am not looking for comments on how terrible telemarketing is.



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18th Dec 2011 10:03

What is your time worth?

FirstTab - have a look at video number ten on this page click here.

What I would say is there is a big difference between telemarketing and telesales and I would not recommend making calls yourself until you have had training, including some role play. 

Keep in mind that as well as knowing what to say (and how to say it) you need a process and a certain mindset/attitude.

If you calculate the value of your time you will see time invested in sales/marketing is usually at least tens time more valuable that doing work. So there is a good argument that you should be making the calls. Being able to pick up the phone and grow your business gives you complete freedom.

But, if you are going to employ someone understand that if you do a commission on appointments you will get lots of appointments but they may not be the ones you want. And, most telemarketers are not very good so the will be a lot of "sales" work for you to do.

Whether you invest your time or money ask yourself how good are your sales skills. Taking on referrals doesn't count. 

Bob Harper

Crunchers Accounting Franchise

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20th Dec 2011 13:35


Hi FT, 

Re the pay structure, I guess it would depend on how good you are at selling yourself, and it could all be commission based if you wanted to, telemarketers are often self employed.

Regarding the website to post the job ad on, we found to have very good quality candidates, compared to say elance.

The flexibility to work from home will offer 2 advantages: no geographical limitation in finding the right candidate; it also offer more flexibility on the pay levels.

Hope this helps.


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