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Warning about Xero bank feeds

Probably the worst day for the system to pack-up

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Probably the worst day for the system to pack-up , after bank holiday and long weekend, 1st day of the month (and year)...

On personal note - Using Xero (and recommending it to Clients) becoming more and more frustrating experience...  Just spent 2 hours manually adding missing transactions, deleting duplicates and restoring the ones that Client deleted by mistake in his confusion during the Xmas break,

Current disruptions (January 3rd, 2022)

Due to the Christmas and New Year holidays, many feeds did not import transactions on December 27th and 28th and will not import on January 3rd and 4th.  Transactions should start importing again from January 5th.

NatWest (Open Banking)
We’re aware of an issue with the Natwest bank feed where transactions are importing future dated transactions. Our Product Team are now looking into this and we’ll update this blog once we know more. We’ve also become aware of an issue with Natwest feeds importing duplicate transactions. Our product team are now looking into this and we’ll be in touch once we have an update. Please manually delete any duplicates for now.

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By tracyannw
04th Jan 2022 12:58

Must admit I am not a fan of Xero! Thankfully I only have 1 client that uses it and I have desperately tried to convert them to other software. In my humble opinion Xero has the worst of all the software offerings!

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By rmillaree
04th Jan 2022 13:08

It is what it is - note xero has the flag duplicated transactions report which is pretty useful at flagging potential duplicates.
We all know none of the packagies is 100% reliable so i try to get all clients to add csv's to linked shared folder before i would look at doing anything material analsysis wise - any clients who post themselves need to do their own reality checks too !!
Surely if you follow the above two steps its a breeze relatively speaking correcting errors?
I would agree for old skool paper bank statement clients its likely to be an issue but they wont have a bank feed in the first place will they.

Look on the plus side we are soon to get ability to authorise en masse too ref bank feeds.

So why concentrate on the neagtives - i have always found the xero ssytem relatively painless to correct - where its just gone out of synch or duplciated for small periods.

The obvious solution here is to bill clients as appropriate if they cant sort themselves and that is eating into your time.
Personally given the choice of quickbooks sage cloud and xero bank recs xero wins handsdown for me every time with regard to general ease of use.

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Replying to rmillaree:
panda ketteringUK
By ketteringUK
04th Jan 2022 20:12

One of the things that Xero could improve is to let user know about the new reports and any upcoming changes, similarly to the way TF does.

Thank you for letting me know about this report which i just found under reports/accounting.

Maybe one day, there will an option of calculating cash accounting VAT on payments on account which is managed very well by Sage but not an option on Xero.

IMHO Xero is still marginally better than Sage online and FreeAgent and definitely more intuitive than QB.

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Replying to ketteringUK:
By rmillaree
05th Jan 2022 07:43

You sum up the Xero weaknesses very well ketteringuk. Xero is pretty pants at improving their main known weak points - as you say simple payments on account are not really tolerated by Xero simply which is completely ridiculous. Their recent update removed the ability to batch merge contacts which is also ridiculous and some of the bank rules options are not flexible enough to make it easy to avoid contact inconsistencies or fail in allowing you to keep main details in the same main details box.
Having used the three extensively though Xero still wins hands down for translation volume based clients and or for clients where recoding what has been posted is necessary and imho cases where bank data is sketchy - it is a must though really to dig deep and fully understand all the subtleties of how you can get from crapola to balanced bank as quick as possible and that does take some practice. It’s no different though to the issues back in the day when you got a completely crappy simplex book or sage 50 where the bank entries are completely unreliable sometimes the volume of errors makes and fully reconciliation a nightmare getting from a mostly correct bank feed case to something mostly acceptable as end result if you are happy to gloss over minor issues shouldn’t be a nightmare - hopefully that’s a job a young enthusiastic junior will love being handed - hmmmmmm

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Noel Fraser
By noelfraser
28th Jan 2022 10:51

I've always found Xero's bank feeds a little flaky and unreliable. You should check out Aqilla for a more robust solution.

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