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WARNING for Apple Mac Users - TaxCalc

Don't install Big Sur if you are using the desktop version of TaxCalc

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I am a big fan of TaxCalc but they don't see us Mac users as an important market (still no network version for us ....)

Today I installed Big Sur and TaxCalc does not work. Despite there being Beta versions for some months, the TaxCalc Helpine say that they heard about it from customers!

I put it to them that if all Windows users lost the program overnight, they would be in the doo doo big time.

Luckily I have another Mac so am screen sharing with it - and will be keeping my fingers crossed that the problem will be fixed soon


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By Sarah Z
13th Nov 2020 16:00

They did sound out an email a few weeks back saying not to upgrade if you are using Taxcalc as it wouldn't work

But I agree it is incredibly frustrating

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By Sarah Z
13th Nov 2020 16:02

Just to update, I got the email on 16 October

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Replying to Sarah Z:
By wilcoskip
14th Nov 2020 08:43

Yep, I was only running a trial of Taxcalc at the time, and they sent me an email. The tech dept was very responsive when I questioned them further about it.

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David Ross
By davidross
17th Nov 2020 11:57

Andrew Web has been in touch from TaxCalc and there is a fix for those of us with BigSur. See this link;

Andrew gave me some interesting background on the problem, but I am sure that other users will be like me - happy to be able to get on with our work

As ever, Big Pluses to the team at TaxCalc

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