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Warning regarding Norton Internet Security 2012

Warning regarding Norton Internet Security 2012

Right now I am very busy with work. Many of my clients have been very late providing information this and I suspect it's because they are saving up to pay my fees. My efforts to chase some clients were successful so it's not all doom and gloom.

Last Monday a client came round and he mentioned that Norton Internet Security 2012 had been released. I have a subscription to Norton Internet Security and I was on version 2011 but I had not been told about the new release so I checked and I could download it. All my client data is on a network hard disk (with RAID 1) but I run my Digita software, Outlook pst file and QuickBooks data on my C drive due to issues I have had in the past. I backup my data on the C drive but not always every day.

I downloaded NIS 2012 and installed it. After a few days I started to get messages that programmes couldn't run and that I had bad sectors. I thought my hard disk was going to fail. I am not super technical but I can understand some things. I checked a lot on my computer (which wasn't easy) and online. I started to think it wasn't my hard disk and it was an issue with NIS 2012. I removed all Norton software using their removal tool. I then ran chkdsk and within a few seconds it announced there were no errors.

Everything seems to be ok now. Because I was with my client I didn't back everything up before installing NIS 2012. I'm going to be extra careful until 31/01/12!


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By 3569787
03rd May 2016 18:02

Never to Norton

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20th Nov 2011 16:15


Norton used to be resource hungry but in the last few years it's been fantastic. I'm very scared now, though.

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20th Nov 2011 20:25

It's better

Norton have definitely recovered from their 'low point' and make some pretty good software now.  But a lot of people must link their name to the awful resource hungry software they sold to so many people.  I'd struggle to trust them again.

I'm also not sure why someone would choose to pay for Norton over a free solution such as Microsoft Security Essentials.  I don't think it's actually better, unless you use some of the extra tools, which a lot of people won't.

I think it's wise to wait for a quiet time of year before running significant software installation on your primary workstation :)

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to johnjenkins
21st Nov 2011 08:06

Trouble with outlook

Several years ago Outlook was not working properly. My IT chap took Norton off and replaced it with Nod and hey presto no more ptoblems

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24th Nov 2011 11:05

I won't ever touch Norton

I've had too many of these problems in the past, so many that I won't ever let anything "Norton" be installed on any of my client's computers.

Roger Neale
Business Systems Consultant
Perkeo Computer Systems Ltd

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24th Nov 2011 11:28

Legitimate source?

Just wondering whether you downloaded NIS 2012 verifiably from the actual Norton website?

There is software 'out there' on the internet which might look like the real article, but unless its certified from the manufacturer, could possibly be riddled with injected code - malware for example.

Reason I think that is that symptoms sound very suspicious. Don't know by what means these errors you mention manifested themselves, but it's not on the feature list of ANY internet security suite, as far as I know, to report bad sectors, and if your post-uninstall chkdsk report says all clear, it does sort of sound like malware trying to put the scares on you.

To chime in with other IT professionals defence of Norton above, it definitely was a resource hog (I used to hate it as much as old HP printer drivers) but, particularly in last couple of years or so has properly stepped up and it feels to be one of the most efficient, friendliest and unobtrusive security packages available, which is what you want. I don't make too many solid recommendations in my profession (your mileage may vary, as the merkins saying goes), but I've confidently recommended it for the past couple of years to busy professionals using standalone PCs. No prejudice here.

Don't take my word for it - see below:

   Which Magazine Award Winner:

   PC Advisor Award Winner:

   PC Magazine Editors Choice:,2817,2368876,00.asp

At any rate, as far as I know there's no reason why you can't roll back to the 2011 version if it used to work fine for you (then rinse & repeat LiveUpdate until no further updates available, as you do). You're very unlikely gain any tangible protection advances by going to 2012 or 'latest and greatest' - most of these 'upgrades' tend to be facelifts. To my experiences versions 2010 and 2011 have a respectable core engine & co-operate happily with Windows.

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24th Nov 2011 11:54

NIS 2012 is to blame

I downloaded NIS 2012 via the My Account link on NIS 2011.

The bad sectors were not reported by NIS 2012. They were reported by Windows. There were other reports regarding Adobe Acrobat not letting me open PDF files. I couldn't move files around using Explorer. Outlook was taking minutes to go from one message to another. It was also taking minutes to print a message or save an attachment.

This all happened after I installed NIS 2012 and stopped happening when I removed all Norton products.

My experience of NIS is exactly the same as yours over the bloated years and the more recent years.

I think my experience means that there is a problem with NIS 2012 even if it is just relevant to my computer. 

I don't want to risk it happening again.

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24th Nov 2011 12:21


Can absolutely understand your reluctance to experiment with reinstallation if those symptoms started occurring for you then disappeared once given the boot.

Still hard to see why it happened. Wondering if the update installer was somehow impeded from uninstalling the previous version cleanly and the new install was fighting something from the old version & getting into a right old twist. I trust the removal tool will have done a thorough job of getting you back to a clean slate.

If I were in your shoes perhaps the mentioned above latest Microsoft Security Essentials (free) or Trend Micro Titanium (PC Pro A-List, paid for) are two options forward, both of which are well received of late.

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24th Nov 2011 12:28

Worrying experience

It could well be a problem with the old version not being removed fully. This seems to be a problem with NIS - and plenty of other software. The removal tool worked perfectly. I will consider NIS 2012 and the two programs you mentioned but I will take a break for now. I know it's a risk!

Thank you for your advice.

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24th Nov 2011 12:45

Good luck anyway

Good luck with it, though just for emphasis I would choose NIS 2011 over 2012 if you did decide to go back to Norton (you're already paid up to use it), for one thing the slightly older version seems better rated as a general UI experience than the 'current' incarnation. And the protection will be equally as good.

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24th Nov 2011 12:47


I'll bear that in mind. NIS 2012 does seem to introduce a few bells and whistle that just cause problems.

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