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Was there an RTI start date 'calculator' on HMRC Online?

Was there an RTI start date 'calculator' on...

I thought there was an RTI start date 'calculator' page somewhere on HMRC Online a while ago.  You entered your Employer's PAYE reference (or possibly your Accounts Office reference) and it told you what month you'd be due to start on RTI...

Or did I dream it?

I haven't had my promised 'start date' letter yet.


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18th Feb 2013 16:44

You're not confusing auto-enrolment?

There is a staging date calculator for auto-enrolment on the Pensions regulator's website that I believe works by PAYE reference.

I've done a quick calculation, and I think your start date for RTI is probably 6th April.

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18th Feb 2013 17:22


I am indeed thinking of the Auto-Enrolment for pensions website.

That's probably where I'd got the idea that RTI was phased April-October too.  


Good.  I'm not going completely mad then - I'm clearly confused but I'm not actually making things up from scratch...



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18th Feb 2013 17:29

Phasing in

There was some HMRC publicity that said RTI was compulsory for all employers from 6 April 2013 and all were expected to be in it by October 2013. I have yet to find a clear explanation of the apparent "phasing-in" this creates.

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18th Feb 2013 17:35

There is phasing in...

... but as Stephurphan says it's not very clear. As I understood it, the phasing in was for large employers not already in the pilot. I certainly know of one large employer who isn't going in until June.

The great unwashed generally go in on 6 April though.  But if you haven't had your "invitation" yet, you might be one of the lucky few!

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18th Feb 2013 17:47

Over 5000 employees, anyone?

If you have fewer than 5000 employees then you will be joining RTI 6th April unless you're already on the pilot, of course. That applies to around 99.99% of UK businesses, at a guess.

The very tiny number of businesses joining RTI later in 2013/14 will receive specific correspondence from HMRC about that.

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18th Feb 2013 17:49

What happens..

... if I do one of the set-up alignment submissions before I've been "invited"?  Computer explodes?  HMRC heavies start beating on my door?

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to Portia Nina Levin
18th Feb 2013 18:02

EAS before invite is just bounced

CatherineR5 wrote:

... if I do one of the set-up alignment submissions before I've been "invited"?  Computer explodes?  HMRC heavies start beating on my door?

It will be just the same as if you filed an EAS with the wrong credentials. No consequences. You can't file before 6th April in any case, because HMRC won't have updated its servers with 13/14 specification messages until then.

Most sites don't have to file an EAS. Your payroll software ought to send everything necessary with the first FPS (but we can't guarantee this for other products, of course).

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18th Feb 2013 20:52


... thank you.


It's all clear now!

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19th Feb 2013 11:24

Joining invites

Should all employers receive a letter from HMRC inviting them to join (from 6/4/13) or do you just assume small employers should start from that date irrespective of what they have/havent received from HMRC?

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19th Feb 2013 15:37

I'm starting to think...

... there are no invites to the RTI party, just turn up.

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