Watching your comments on Saturday night....

Watching your comments on Saturday night....

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Hi from Rebecca Benneyworth

I'm lurking about picking up all of your comments - it's 9.22 on Saturday evening.

I just thought I'd let you know that I've added The Archers (an everyday story of country folk!) to the Time Out pages, so you can catch up on the last five episodes from here. There are also film reviews from the Guardian, and we'll put anything else up we think you might be interested in - there will also be more puzzles and the like on these pages and we invite you to let us know about enjoyable time out things you have done, good restaurants, nice places to visit to pass on the word to fellow members.

Meanwhile, we have a huge list of comments on the new site to deal with, so I suspect that my opportunities for "Time Out" in the next few weeks will be limited!

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By User deleted
20th Jun 2009 23:28

Slightly bigger issue here you have missed?
Prehaps you should comment on the No.1 issue of the day rather than buggering about with an Archers fanclub

Betrayal of trust is a fairly major issue in anyones book, especially when there are potentially serious ramifications for peoples careers and businesses, all for what amounts to laziness on behalf of the developers.

How can I trust you that this post with stay "anon" in 3 years time?

Answer - I cant.

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Rebecca Benneyworth profile image
By Rebecca Benneyworth
21st Jun 2009 17:09

If you have followed all of the threads about anonymity
then you would be aware that I have been doing my best (throughout Saturday night) to reassure members that this will be looked at on Monday when we can meet and discuss the most appropriate action. I am not in a position to take unilateral action at almost midnight on a Saturday, but have posted a number of comments to try to give reassurance that this WILL be dealt with.

I added this post to let members know that I am aware of their concerns, and indeed share them, and to try to lighten the mood, as there were a number who expressed concern that nobody from AccountingWEB was on the message boards giving feedback. That was my intention - and no I haven't missed or indeed misunderstood the gravity of the situation. As soon as I know what the decision is on Monday, that will be made clear to all.


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