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Web based accounting software for charity

Web based accounting software for charity

Anyone who can recommend a reliable web based accounting software for charity?  We are looking for web based solution as charity will have more than one office and ideally would like all offices to post enter their accounts directly into one system.  Any recommendations?


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31st Jan 2013 15:42

PaperLess for Charity


As an accountant you could consider the PaperLess Accountant Programme which would enable you to provide this solution to your charity client:

Upload documents from multiple sites via the InternetCreate accounting transactions from the documentUse approval workflow to approve purchase invoices if requiredPost transactions to accountsView documents and transactions together

The Charity could also use PaperLess Business  if they run their own accounts system currently which would enable them to have the same functionality without having to change accounting system.

This way the charity could manage their documents, their business processes and have a solution which works across multiple branches using the Internet.

You can compare all PaperLess products using this link.

Hope that helps


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31st Jan 2013 16:14



It depends on the complexity of the accounting but XERO has "tracking" that could enable you to account for various funds.  They have a charity format in NZ I think but not the UK yet, have a look at this thread worth an email to them to see if any charities are using them, because it's very good sooftware.

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31st Jan 2013 17:28



If you need the flexibility of an affordable easy to use system but rich with features for Charity and Not for Profit organisations, Aqilla is ideal, with extensive reporting and analysis on multiple funds and projects. All based in the cloud!


Aqilla is a modern web based, multi currency accounting solution that is easy to use and can be up and running quickly saving spending an excessive amount of money on expensive training and consultancy. A straight forward to use document centric approach to accounting provides Sales Ledger, Purchase Ledger, General Ledger, Cash Matching, Sales Invoicing, Purchase Invoicing, Time Sheet, Expense and Project Management functionality across an almost unlimited range of analysis including detailed reporting for restricted and un-restricted funding and full SORP compliance.

Lots more information can be found at www.aqilla.com and www.aqilla.com/solutions/not-for-profit


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01st Feb 2013 10:54

Thank you and will review the recommendations

Thank you all for the recommendation I will check the solutions you suggested. What we are looking is for a small charity with two offices in Africa and one office in UK to be able to input transactions directly to the system to avoid duplication of efforts.  Thanks,

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07th Feb 2013 17:42

How basic?

Wave - Basic but free

Xero, Kashflow - a little more sophisticated

Sage QuickBooks on-line seem to be adapted vwersions of existing packages and not wholly successful yet.



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