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Anyone recommend a basic web hosting service? I just have a basic website. What sort of cost should i be paying?

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By SXGuy
01st Oct 2018 20:05

Domain name can get for around £15 for 2 years. Some places offer discounts.

Standard hosting package for a small site, around £2.50 to £5 per month.

Don't waste your money with go daddy, find someone who doesn't use virtual shared hosting packages.

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By free-rider
01st Oct 2018 20:26

I use the basic package from hostgator and think it cost c. £60-70 per annum.

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By Manchester_man
02nd Oct 2018 14:21

I use 1&1 internet. It is not the cheapest, but I'm happy with the service provided (page speed, down time etc) . It's around £80 per annum.

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By ujwala
03rd Oct 2018 13:13

For cost effective and reliable I trust using them from last 6 years , UK servers, good support and uptime.

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By optima
04th Oct 2018 12:37

I use Titan Internet for around £50 per annum

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By ShayaG
04th Oct 2018 15:19

Amazon Web Services amongst the cheapest, but not at all easy to configure, install word press, etc.

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Pile of Stones
By Beach Accountancy
04th Oct 2018 17:45

I use 1 and 1 for my accountancy site, but I also use TSOhost, who seem to be good. Basic website hosting is £20 a year.

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Replying to Beach Accountancy:
By Selaen
05th Oct 2018 09:05

TSO used to be good until they got bought over by GoDaddy. Now they're a complete joke. They fail the uptime promise every month and you have to fight them to get the contracted refund.

Their hosting also attracts ddos - For a year, I had a constant stream of attempts - about 5/min. For a year. The second I moved from TSO, they stopped.

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By RunyonJustin
08th Oct 2018 12:19

If you needs basics then try some fry hosting!
Or you can try hosting from Amazon!

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By Red Leader
08th Oct 2018 13:11

Web hosting costs. Flagging.

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Elliott Chandler Picture
By elliottchandler
20th Oct 2018 15:00

Cheapest isn't always the best. The company and they way they host can be important. The technology they use and how they maintain their platform. Also the history of uptime is useful.

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