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Webinars: When’s the best time?

Webinars: When’s the best time?

AccountingWEB has got some interesting topics lined up for a series of webinars over the coming months, but we’d like to find out when would be the best time to run them.

What day of the week and time would you most likely tune in to watch a webinar?

Any there any particular themes you’d like us to cover?


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By SteveOH
27th Feb 2013 09:24


For me, it generally has to be the morning; about 10.00am. That way, I've had a chance to deal with any urgent matters, have my cup of coffee and get myself ready.

If it was the afternoon, I am sure that I would find that I couldn't stop whatever I happened to be doing at the time.

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27th Feb 2013 09:26

5pm - 5.30pm start, but no later

Mon, Tue, Wed 5pm - 5.30pm start, but no later 

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27th Feb 2013 09:38

Mornings for me

Approx 10am to 10:30 start. preferably not Mondays or Fridays.

That gives me time to get email and any telephone messages sorted, have a cuppa, and then concentrate on the webinar.

Mondays, we usually have more emails/messages, and Fridays seem to be popular with clients for appointments.

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27th Feb 2013 09:52


Lots of other providers use the 10/10.30 morning slot, so to differentiate yourselves afternoon would be far better.

The later the better as far as I'm concerned so that urgent work is out of the way.

4pm onwards

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By thomas
27th Feb 2013 10:12

9.30 / 10 am. Couldnt do afternoons

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27th Feb 2013 10:31

Finishing lunch time of end of the day for me. Had 1 webinar , lasted 1 1/2 hours and was shattered at the end so would need a good break afterwards.

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27th Feb 2013 10:34


I find I can't concentrate on one thing for any significant length of time at work, so I like to look at these things in the evening, which usually involves seeing the recorde version. Will there be recorded versions?

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27th Feb 2013 10:46

Another morning person

Having attended 4 Xero webinars recently (including 2 x 2 hours yesterday) I'd go for 10am, with max hour & a half.

Topics to cover: comparisons of online services (accounting, storage, collaboration) and why everywhere in the UK, except Carshalton, has seen Waxwings this year !

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27th Feb 2013 11:10

Mornings for me too

I prefer the 10am slot.

I was on the same Xero treadmill yesterday Paul but just couldn't make the 2nd one so I've rebooked. Recording seems so obvious to me yet many don't. I know it removes the ability to ask questions in real time but it's rare I ask any.

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27th Feb 2013 11:14

On demand -

i find that i never actually get to listen/join a live webinar. Always a good reason at the time. I do however like to catch up after the event and find those with the event recorded for me to dip into later on when time becomes available.

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27th Feb 2013 11:21

Recorded webinars

Would it be useful to tag particular chapters or sections of recorded webinars so you can dip in and out easily?

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27th Feb 2013 12:25

Recorded webinars -Yes

I prefer recorded webinars. Otherwise evenings after 7pm are best for me. 


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27th Feb 2013 15:30

Working lunch

I run lunch time webinars for accountants and bookkeepers which are well attended.  I also make recordings of them available on You Tube.  There were lots of Q&As on today's Sage One Accounts webinar, so I think it's still good to offer the interactive experience.

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By blok
27th Feb 2013 22:17

10am suits best for me. I'm usually fried by the afternoon.

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