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Website setup costs

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I am currently putting together a list of tax disallowable costs, there are some website costs which have come up which are causing a bit of a debate.

These are costs incurred in the development of a website. The website appears to be just for advertising purposes but does have a portal for clients to log into.

As it doesn't allow any purchasing of goods etc my approach would be to class this as allowable/revenue in nature but appreciate any advice.



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By David Ex
20th May 2021 10:45

Who is debating with who (whom?) and what are their qualifications for expressing an informed opinion? One of your earlier posts suggested you were in construction or similar.

I’m not sure it’s reasonable to ask for a technical summary of, what is potentially, a huge area. Well several areas.

If it’s a tax topic of interest/relevance to your business, and you don’t wish to pay for professional advice, you can get lots of useful information from the HMRC manuals which are freely available online. Obviously that gives HMRC view. Alternatively there are all manner of books and subscription services available which you can use to upskill yourself if that’s what you wish to do.

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By tom123
20th May 2021 10:49

Hard to think of a circumstance where costs incurred on a business website would not be 'allowable'.

If you are thinking of capitalising (which I generally would not choose) then that is a different matter I suppose.

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By Duggimon
20th May 2021 12:40

Sometimes it's capital, sometimes it's revenue, sometimes it isn't either, and sometimes it's a mix of both.

Can't be more specific until you are.

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20th May 2021 13:37

The costs are connection with an insurance related business for the formation of their website.
It does not contain any aspect where you can order or purchase goods/services online but does have a portal for brokers to log into.

I suppose there is an argument that the website is an enduring benefit v just for marketing purposes.
Currently all the costs in relation to this are put through the P&L and tax allowable.

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