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Website - Should I upgrade?

Website - Should I upgrade?

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Good morning everyone.

I am a relatively new sole practitioner on a tight budget and I am just considering whether to invest in a much improved website. I built my own website to get me started and whilst it is acceptable, I would like to improve my image and have one built professionally. However, I am looking at a cost of approx. £1,000 and I would be interested to know from those of you that have good websites how much new business they generate.

Thank you.

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By Les Howard
11th Dec 2013 10:51


The key with a website is more than just its content. You need to invest in SEO services, so as to drive web traffic to your site.

I recommend to provide a good service for both design and SEO. Not the cheapest, but then cheap sites look cheap!

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By VirtualAccounts
11th Dec 2013 11:41

A good investment

Definitely a good investment, our websitesvare key for all of our businesses and account for about 25% of our income the rest being referred business.  The design and SEO is key, shop around and see what you will get for your money, what results have the company had before.


Vicky Newham

MD- Virtual Accounts Ltd

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By DawnT
11th Dec 2013 11:52


Thank you for your comments. The quote I have received includes SEO and I know the supplier is good at what she does as she is my client! Vicky - I am encouraged by your 25%. Finding £1,000 is difficult at the moment and I want to ensure that it will pay for itself relatively quickly.


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By MJ Green Accountancy
11th Dec 2013 12:34

My website costs me £99 a

My website costs me £99 a month and along with a google adwords campaign has generated me several new clients with repeat fees far in excess of what it has cost me.


I recently picked up a new small client as a result of his daughter researching local accountants on the internet and she stated that my website looked one of the most professional, so it is clearly money well spent.


I have also picked up referrals from some of the new clients that were attracted via the internet.


My website is designed by Total Solutions from Mercia and as part of the fee it is kept up to date with relevant tax data, fact sheets are available and kept up to date and a monthly newsletter is sent out via email.


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By chloe77
11th Dec 2013 12:49

I too set up my own when I started out a few years ago. I have now paid for an expert to do it so it looks more professional when my current clients log on and so far I have gained a new client. Sounds a bit expensive though!

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By davidakime
11th Dec 2013 13:04

It all depends on what you want to do with it

There are many different options out there but it all comes down to what you want to do with your website.

If you just want a brochure with some good technical feeds, Mercia (or totalsolutions) do a reasonably priced offering. If you are an Iris user they do an offering as well specific too, and it has some neat little add ins to link up with their open products.

I would certainly see a website as more than a brochure and if your combine it with a good linkedIn presence it could pay for itself very quickly 

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