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Welsh tax development

Welsh tax development

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The Welsh government has taken an interesting route with the development of its new taxes. It’s asking people to come forward with ideas which could be developed into new Welsh taxes.

Explaining the proposal Professor Drakeford said: “The power to propose new taxes is an important lever, which we can use to change behaviours and deliver improvements for our communities. That is why I want to start a genuine debate about how we use these powers to support our commitment to fairness, wellbeing and growth.”

So, let’s kick-start debate: what potential new taxes would you suggest? 

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Hallerud at Easter
12th Jul 2017 11:16

Where did you hear this, was it a government leak?

The catch with the idea is there is a stereotyping e.g. in Scotland a special excise rate could be put on Buckfast, in Wales an additional levy via Performing Rights everytime Tom Jones gets aired.

What particular aspects of Wales need a distinct tax?

To me this tendency to charge tax differently by location, Scotland with S prefix on coding and different tax band re higher rate or LBTT is pointless, the whole funding approach re Barnett formula etc to me makes such tinkering pointless. Frankly if they take it much further I suspect, if I wanted to continue in practice, I would relocate south to be done with the meddling.

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By Sperethiel
12th Jul 2017 11:52

clearly a government leek.


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By sosleepy
12th Jul 2017 11:58

Treth Saeson - every time someone speaks English they get taxed.

Ovine Desires Tax - every time someone sees a sheep and thinks naughty thoughts, they have to make a deposit.

New Tax Tax - every time someone suggests a new tax they have to pay tax.

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