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What about this website?

What about this website?

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I read the following forum and I'm very happy with it. Except for a few pinned threads it's in latest comment order. There's an edit button with the comment. There are 20 comments per page and the comment box is at the bottom of each page but you can reply to any comment which is a bit like what AccountingWeb has but it doesn't reply on a slight indent. There's no big blobs, jumping around or painful author information or categorisation - you can use a simple categorisation if you want but you can ignore it. What do you think?


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12th May 2016 21:22

Peter - where were you last night?

You absence was noted.

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to Kent accountant
12th May 2016 21:30

Sorry, I've been a bit ill. I'm having a scan next week so hopefully after that I can get sorted.
It sounds like there was a reasonable sized and interesting crowd.

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By tom123
to petersaxton
12th May 2016 21:57

petersaxton wrote:

Sorry, I've been a bit ill. I'm having a scan next week so hopefully after that I can get sorted.
It sounds like there was a reasonable sized and
interesting crowd.

Hope all goes well
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to tom123
12th May 2016 22:00


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13th May 2016 01:04

Did a search for FRS but nothing came up.

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13th May 2016 09:01

Also the details of individual posters appear on the left, so you can keep track of who is saying what easily as well.

I've seen forums with this look before, so I'm guessing it's a standard forum software package. Might be better than a bespoke package that doesn't seem up to the job, though integration with other site features might be an issue.

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to stepurhan
13th May 2016 09:44

Yes, I think it is using a standard forum software package. I would assume that there would be enough settings in the package to change colours and size of fonts, etc. though. One thing I do like is that it's sorted by last entry so people don't need a list sorted by last question and another list sorted by last reply and a further list of no replies. Editing your comments is simple, too.
On AccountingWeb a lot of people seem to be posting questions twice. I'm not sure what the benefit of the preview option is when you can still see what you have typed in draft. If you used a lot of graphics there may be a point but I don't see this happening in a forum for accountants and freeloaders.

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to petersaxton
13th May 2016 10:25

The software it is using is this:

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to Tim Vane
13th May 2016 21:27

I might phone them and ask if they have an option for massive fonts and graphics. I wonder if they'll think I am taking the [***]?

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13th May 2016 12:45

That's just a standard forum format. There are plenty about (Xen, vB, IBP, Vanilla) but they're obviously not what Sift want.

I think we just need to let them crack on now, said drum has been beaten. If they improve things then great, if they don't they'll see visitor numbers continue to dwindle and we'll gradually look elsewhere.

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13th May 2016 15:38

Just not that keen on Hull to be honest, sorry. It would be weird if we all started posting accounting questions there.

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to Duggimon
13th May 2016 21:25

I suppose they are just going to have to get by without you, then.

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By mabzden
13th May 2016 16:13

That's a proper Yorkshire no messing about type forum.

I can almost taste the pies.

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