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What about those who work thru a company- no help

What are you advising clients who work through a ltd company?

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If they are the only employees, and they will continue to try and run business, Furloughing themselves does not work.

Delaying July payment only refers to self employed.

Is any help available?


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By jcace
25th Mar 2020 13:43

We need to wait for the detail, and to see whether any help for self-employed includes OMBs and others. Beyond that, there is not enough clear information to be able to definitively say much else.

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By Duggimon
25th Mar 2020 14:00

I'm advising clients we're hoping there will be further measures announced to help people in their situation, but at the moment they're only entitled to benefits or possibly loans.

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By Mr_awol
25th Mar 2020 14:35

Hopefully this will reduce the number of personal service companies.

I'd honestly leave them til last in the queue. At least 'proper' businesses operated through a company have support for staff and self employed look like they are about to get something. PSCs have been taking the [***] for years to an extent (yes, I know we have enabled them in this).

I have very few 'contractors' but those I do have, generally earn about £750 per day and have £100k (or much more) in the company bank account because they don't want to pay tax. Let them draw down dividends from their reserves I say.

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Replying to Mr_awol:
By Duggimon
25th Mar 2020 15:15

Absolutely, and people with personal service companies they set up because it was the only way the engager would work with them, and who earn between £20-£30K a year, can just starve because you've got a wee bee in your bonnet about what you consider to be 'fair'.

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By andrew1211
26th Mar 2020 14:53

Yes it did say self employed originally, but it has now been changed to everybody.

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