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What AML software would you recommend?

IRIS AML or an alternative? We're trying to get away from paper forms!

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Does anybody use IRIS AML software and recommend it? Or is there an alternative out there we should be trying? Currently we are using ICAS paper forms, but they are very time consuming and we haven't kep them up to date, so we are looking for an overhaul of our AML Know Your Client checklists/Due diligence/risk assessment etc. We have over 1200 clients and we use IRIS for accounts, tax, practice management etc.

Any recommendations would be greatly received.

Thank you.

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By Maslins
20th Jul 2018 10:09

We use Taxcalc's AML offering.

I imagine they're all much of a muchness (might be wrong), so I'd suggest just going with whichever one tags along with other products you're already using.

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By Mouse house
20th Jul 2018 17:35

We use AMLCC We use in preference to Iris as it was much cheaper!

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Replying to Mouse house:
By eyelid84
23rd Jul 2018 10:45

Thank you for this link. The cost of IRIS is putting us off slightly too, that is why I thought I would see what alternatives are being recommended.
Do you know if you can import your client database to AMLCC (via CSV or other) or do you have to enter each client manually? I've had a look at the demo online and it does look a good product, especially at a fraction of the price of IRIS.

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By marks
22nd Jul 2018 23:38

We currently use AMLCC.

Though we will be using Taxcalc going forward as we have just moved our accounts and tax to Taxcalc from IRIS.

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By pauljohnston
26th Jul 2018 11:02

eyelid - yes you can import and they will help you. Suggest you give them AMLCC a call

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Tony Margaritelli, ICPA Chairman
By Tony Margaritelli
26th Jul 2018 11:22

Just thought I'd mention that ICPA members get the AMLCC software free and that AMLCC have just released a raft of updates to the system which in my opinion make a super product even better. - Tony Margaritelli Chair ICPA

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By Sujay
26th Jul 2018 11:31

Hello all, thank you for your kind words.

I'm Sujay and I currently run the support center for AMLCC, you are able to upload your entire client base to our system using a CSV file. The AMLCC package is very broad in its range of support which is why thousands of accountants and bookkeepers across the country use our service.

We are more than happy to take you through a demonstration of the product and help answer any questions you may have, please give us a call on 01455 555 483 or visit our website

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